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Toronto Met's 10 Zones

Transmedia Zone VR tech in use

What is a zone?

Toronto Metropolitan University is home to 10 zones – each with a focus on a different industry – that provide opportunities to shape initiatives from the ground up and gain real world experience.

Toronto Met's 10 zones are incubators or spaces where people come together to brainstorm, kickstart projects, and build startups. Each zone offers one-on-one mentorship from experts as well as access to state of the art workspaces and technologies. With zones you can develop your own ideas or put your skills to work by collaborating with a team.

Zones can help you grow your network, gain experience, build your resume and even access funding.

Biomedical Zone  (opens in new window) 

Located in St. Michael’s Hospital, this zone helps early-stage health technology companies validate their solutions directly in a hospital setting with clinicians, business experts and innovative thinkers.

Clean Energy Zone  (opens in new window) 

An incubator focused on clean, sustainable energy innovations including electric vehicles, renewable energy, energy storage and distribution, microgrids and net-zero city building.

Design Fabrication Zone  (opens in new window) 

From concept development to three-dimensional prototyping and beyond, this zone is a place where commercial startups and experimental projects apply best practices in design.

DMZ  (opens in new window) 

The top-ranked university incubator in the world helps tech startups succeed by connecting them with customers, capital, experts and a community of entrepreneurs and influencers.

Fashion Zone  (opens in new window) 

One of Canada’s first incubators for fashion-inspired startups, this zone helps entrepreneurs with interest in fashion, design, and technology develop innovative new products and services through interdisciplinary collaboration.

iBoost Zone  (opens in new window) 

A user-centric technology incubator that helps early-stage startups to solve real customer problems using technology.

Legal Innovation Zone  (opens in new window) 

The first legal tech incubator, this zone supports, fosters and develops solutions and techniques to improve legal services and the justice system.

Science Discovery Zone  (opens in new window) 

This zone uses an evidence-based approach to test big ideas and discover new ventures.

Social Ventures Zone  (opens in new window) 

A space directed at the next generation of changemakers, transforming ideas into action to create positive and viable social change.

Transmedia Zone  (opens in new window) 

An ideation and prototyping space focused on the future of content and storytelling.

Drop-In Hours

Want to see what happens in the zones first hand? Many of our zones have drop-in hours, where you can ask questions and see how these innovative spaces really function.

Map of campus showing Zone locations


Partner organizations support zones and Zone Learning by providing exclusive access to unique programming, skills development, technologies, industry connections or events.

Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship  (external link) 

The Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship tests assumptions with credible research to ensure Canadian governments and businesses are focusing on the most relevant issues and opportunities for Canada.

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst (external link)  is Toronto Metropolitan University’s national centre for training, innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity. Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, the Catalyst empowers individuals and organizations to seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges of cybersecurity.

Future of Sport Lab  (external link) 

The Future of Sport Lab (FSL) is a collaborative lab and incubator for sport innovation and research. The lab is a vision supported and co-managed by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), one of the world’s premier sport and entertainment companies, and Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada’s most vibrant educational institution.

iBEST: Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science and Technology  (external link) 

The Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science and Technology (iBEST) is a partnership between Toronto Metropolitan University and St. Michael’s Hospital that brings together the university's engineering and science strengths with St. Michael’s biomedical research and clinical expertise.

FCAD Creative Innovation Studio

The Creative Innovation Studio connects emerging and established makers, artists, technologists, entrepreneurs, researchers and academics, in a collaborative community devoted to creative exploration, cross-disciplinary innovation, and creative excellence. It is also home to 3 Zone Learning incubators.

Magnet  (external link) 

Magnet is digital social innovation platform, founded at Toronto Metropolitan University. Through the Magnet Network, Magnet's mission is to accelerate inclusive economic growth for all in Canada by advancing careers, businesses and communities.