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Meet Our Members

Zone Learning is the destination for innovation and entrepreneurship experiences at TMU. Our members have gone on to find great success – whether as entrepreneurs or as more talented and well-rounded professionals that utilize the skills gained in the Zone Learning ecosystem.

Below, you can hear first-hand accounts of the experiences of Zone members, many of which began their journey as students. You might be surprised to see who you find!

Startup Founders

The curious and passionate entrepreneurs that develop startups in our network come from many walks of life. Whether students, researchers, serial entrepreneurs or industry professionals, these individuals have found community, coaching and connections through their time in our zones.

Student Founders and Members

Our student members join zones through our courses or through our programs that help build work experience. Regardless of their background, field of study, or interest in entrepreneurship, these students all work on real projects as a way to develop new skills and learn more about themselves.