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Personal Support Resources


On Campus Resource Directory for Mental Health and Wellness

Student Wellbeing
  • A variety of health, wellbeing, and academic services and supports at  TMU.
  • Includes physical and mental health promotion programs. 
  • Access to ongoing campus programming focused on maintaining sustainable student life.


keep.meSAFE App
 (external link) 
  • TMU students have access to real time & immediate 24/7 counselling support. 
  • Offers phone, text, and video counselling options.
  • Option for ongoing counselling support (chat, phone, or video).


Good Food Centre
 (external link) 
  • On campus drop-in food bank available to eligible TMU community members
  • Community garden onsite gives TMU easy access to fresh and affordable produce 
  • Resource directory available for eating on a budget, cost-saving recipes, and Toronto wide food  resources. 
TMU Medical Centre
  • Available to all TMU students, staff, and faculty. Offering services like assessments for common medical problems, allergy/immunization shots, physical exams, and mental health assessments. 
  • Online booking available  (external link) for most minor health concerns (common colds, flu, etc.).
How Helplines Work
  • Easy to read breakdown of what to expect when calling a helpline. 
  • Description of different helpline services and who to contact in different scenarios.
  • Directory of helplines which can be accessed on or off campus. 


Peer Support
  • TMU students can access individual or group peer support - appointments are booked privately and securely online
  • Peer support is described as emotional and practical support between two or more people who share a common lived experience (ex. shared experience of mental illness, experiencing a similar life event, etc.). 
TMU Human Rights Centre
  • Works with the TMU Community to premote environments free of discrimination and harassment.
  • One-on-one coaching and consultation available. 
  • Assistance avaulable to seek resolution or file a complaint against a human rights or sexual violence matter. 


Student Care Office
  • Access for staff, students, and faculty to identify and assist students in distress / help to address disruptive student behaiour. 
  • For students: help for you, or your friends during ongoing distressing scenarios 
  • For Faculty/Staff: advice and direction on identifying and/or assisting a student in distress
TMU Office of the Ombudsperson
  • A place for students to come to if you have a problem or a conflict with the university.
  • Contact if you believe you have been treated unfairly and/or you are not sure what your options are, or if you would like to discuss how a TMU policy or procedure applies to your situation.  
Access TMU
  • University wide initiative to remove barriers and provide full participation to the university community.
  • Variety of resources and supports for both accessing and creating accessible spaces and resources on campus. 
  • Outline of plans and policies at TMU for those with disabilities or other access needs.
Tri-Mentoring Program
  • System designed for students to access 1-1 mentoring, career mentoring, and group mentoring (with options to target mentoring to a specific community group if desired) 





Sexual Violence Support
  • Provides free, confidential, trauma-informed, healing-centred support to TMU students affected by sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence. 
  • On and off campus support resources available 




Thrive TMU Program

At a Glance:

ThriveTMU provides students with training and resources to thrive physically, mentally and academically. Programs available to build resiliency and foster success for students. 

The thriving in action program offers students strategies to thive personally and academically.



Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources

Indigenous Student Services | Indigenous Initiatives, Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion
31 Gerrard Street East, KHW-389

Programming, mentorship, awards, support, and other engagement opportunities available for self identified Black students. 

Student Union Equity Centres

Includes: Trans Collective, BIPOC Students Collective, Centre for Women and Trans People, The Queer Space, SHIFT Centre, The Student Access Collective. 


Off Campus Wellness Resources


What It Is / What They Do 

Whats Up Walk In  (external link)  Free virtual mental health counselling for individuals 29 and younger
Mind Beacon (external link)  BEACON has partnered with the Government of Ontario to provide Ontario citizens with free access to their 12-week digital cognitive behavioural therapy based platform. The guided digital therapy platform connects individuals with registered therapists who select tailored and appropriate readings, assignments, and activities to help individuals develop skills to thrive and cope.
Good 2 Talk (external link)  Good2Talk provides free, confidential support services for post-secondary students in Ontario
Mood Gym (external link)  Moodgym is a self-help website through which you can learn cognitive behavioural strategies for preventing and coping with depression and anxiety.
Community Fridges Toronto (external link)  Community Fridges TO. is a Toronto-based mutual aid initiative created to nourish our communities and our neighbours. These refrigerators provide neighbours the opportunity to donate food as well as take what they need, ensuring accessible food 24/7.
Gerstein Crisis Centre (external link)  Our crisis services include 24/7 telephone support, in-person mobile crisis team, community support referrals, substance use crisis management, follow-up and access to short-term crisis beds.
City of Toronto Recreation  (external link)  Access free and paid recreational programming including fitness classes, ice skating, swimming, and more. 
Affordable Therapy Network (external link)  If you feel you would benefit from the services of a therapist or mental health professional but are not in a financial position to pay standard fees, then you are exactly who this site was made for! The low-cost rate is a rate well below industry standard that is provided by the practitioners to clients facing significant financial difficulty.