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Dr. Deborah Fels, Professor, Information Technology Management

Dr. Deborah Fels

Director, Inclusive Media & Design Centre | Professor
DepartmentInformation Technology Management
EducationBSc, MHSc, PhD
OfficeTRS 3-090
Phone416-979-5000 x 557619


Dr. Fels has a PhD in Human Factors from Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. She is currently employed as a professor in the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management, and the Director of the Inclusive Media and Design Centre at Ryerson University. Her research interests involve inclusive design, access to media and technology for people with disabilities and older adults, inclusive video game design and inclusive business.

Current research projects include: 1) emotive captioning and music visualization including software application, EnACT for adding animation to text; 2) audio description including software tool, LiveDescribe and LiveDescribe Web; 3) TerpTube - co-creator for creating online sign language web pages and for sign language interpreter training support tool; and 4) sensory substitution techniques for access to sound and visual information including creation of a vibrotactile system called the Emoti-chair and a vibrotactile music facility, the VibroFusionLab. She is also a professional engineer.

Inclusive media and technology, mobile and pervasive computing, human factors, and web accessibility.

Book Chapters

Udo, J.P. & Fels, D.I. (2013). Exemption or not? Copyright and perceptual disability for accessible media. In Coombs, R. & Wershler, D. (eds.) Dynamic Fair Dealing: Creating Canadian Culture Online.

Udo, J.P. & Fels, D.I. (2011). From the describer's mouth: reflections on creating unconventional audio description for live theatre. In Serban, A. & Lavaur, J.M (eds.) Audio Visual Audiovisual translation in closeup. Peter Lang Publishing Group, New York.

Fels, D.I., Prescod, F., and Norrie, J., (2006). A successful vendor relationship for a large-scale laptop programme at Ryerson University. in Beverly Pasian and Gary Woodill (ed.). Planning to Learn: case studies in e-learning project management.

Refereed Journal Articles

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Refereed Conference Proceedings

Bajko, R.,. Hodson, J., Seaborn, K., Livingstone, P., Fels, D.I. (2015). Guilds, Die Rolls, and Leaderboards: Gamification of Two Undergraduate Multimedia and Social Media Courses. EdSIG.Wilmington.

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Date Invited Seminars, Courses, Exhibits and Presentations

July 2014

Keynote address: American Council of the Blind Conference, Las Vegas, US.

Dec. 2013

Installation. A Christmas Story with the London Symphony. London Theatre for Performing Arts. London, Ont.

Nov. 2013

Invited presentation. Evolve or Perish Symposium. Media Arts Network of Ontario. Ottawa, Ont.

Sept. 2013

Invited demonstration and presentation. Common Pulse Arts and Disability Festival. Durham, Ont.

June 2012

An Evening of Sensory Fusion. Installation of Emoti-Chair at Petit Nuit Blanche. Museum London, London, Ont.

Oct. 2011

Invited demonstration and presentation: Inclusive Design and Media Access. Turner Broadcasting Inc.

Oct. 2011

Invited seminar: Inclusive Design. University of Surrey, Faculty of Management.

Oct. 2011

Vlogging at the DCC. Nuit Blanche exhibit at the Deaf Culture Centre. Toronto, Ont.

Oct 2010

Vibes! Feel It!. Nuit Blanche exhibit at the Deaf Culture Centre., Toronto, Ont.

June 2010

Emoti-chair workshop. Vancouver Song Institute, Vancouver, BC.

April 2010

Inclusive entertainment. Research Seminar. St. Andrews University. St. Andrews, Scotland.

March 2010

Inclusive gaming. Keynote address. Open house. University of Dundee. Dundee, Scotland.

March 2010

ORGANic Evolution III. St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church. Toronto. Emoti-chairs were involved in this concert.

December 2009

Inclusive gaming. Public lecture. University of Dundee. Dundee, Scotland.

November 2009

CLT research overview. Research seminar. Edinburgh-Napier University. Edinburgh. Scotland.

September 2009

Inclusive entertainment. Research seminar. University of Dundee. Scotland.

October 2009

Array Music concert. Music Gallery.  Toronto.

March 2009

Feel the Music: An accessible concert for deaf or hard of hearing audiences. Live music concert. Clinton’s Tavern. Toronto


Course Code Course Title
ITM 100 Foundations of Information Systems
ITM 350 Concepts of eBusiness
ITM 445
Multimedia in Business
ITM 530 Interaction for Multimedia
ITM 700 Information Technology and Strategic Management
ITM 780 Web Design and Management


Course Code Course Title
MT 8103 Applied Research Methods I
MT 8314 Human Factors in Tech Design
MB 8600 Research and Communication for Managers
MT 8600
Research and Communication for Managers


Course Code Course Title
CHIT 300 Introduction to Healthcare Human Computing


Organization & Project


Amount for Dr. Fels/Ryerson


NSERC Discovery

D. Fels

$28,000 per year


TVN – Tecla Shield 3.0

D. Fels & Komodo OpenLab


2014 - 2019


Alex Mihailidis + 20 other researchers; Co-lead with A. Astell



NSERC Engage: LiveDescribe with Zagga Entertainment

D. Fels, K. Shaw



GRAND NCE & Canada Council for the Arts – Vibrafusion lab

D. Fels, D. Bobier



SSHRC Insight – Vibrafusion lab

D. Fels, D. Bobier



NSERC Engage: Scooter games

D. Fels, Komodo Open Systems Inc.



OPIC – Accessible mobile interface for gaming

D. Fels, Komodo OpenSystems Inc.



Google – LiveDescribe lite

D. Fels



SSHRC Partnership Development – Intimate interfaces

D. Fels, M. Gurevich, B. Crow

$60,000 per annum


NIH Small Business Initiative. Eastern Kentucky University. Terptube

D. Roush & D. Fels

$60,000 per annum


National Institute of Health; Crowd-sourced audio description

Joshua Miele (Kettlewell Smith Eye Institute)

$29,000 per annum


NSERC - Accelerator grant

D. Fels

$40,000 per annum


NSERC – Discovery grant

D. Fels

$32,000 per annum


National Centre of Excellence – GRAND (there are many industry partners for this but we are aligned with TAD Inc.)

K. Booth, A. Goodrum

$40,000 per annum for Fels, Fels is also Ryerson block captain


Canada Foundation for Innovation – Inclusive Design Institute

J. Treviranus

$30,000,000 (Ryerson portion $360,000)


Canada Foundation for Innovation - Experiential Design and Gaming Environment

Dimitri Androutsos



ORF-RE - Project ÆGIS – Integrating Accessibility into Emerging ICT

J. Treviranus, D. Fels, + 10 other partners

Ryerson portion = $90,000


Bell Globe Media

B. Milligan & D. Fels


  • PhD in Human Factors, University of Toronto, Canada
  • MHSc in Clinical Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada
  • BSc in Biological Engineering, University of Guelph, Canada

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  • Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario
  • Human Factors Association of Canada
  • Human Factors Society
  • Association of Computing Machinery (SIGCHI)
  • Awarded the Collaborative Research Award. Ryerson University. 2014.
  • Awarded the 2013 Dr. Margaret R. Pfanstiehl Memorial Achievement Award-Research and Development in Audio Description. American Council of the Blind.
  • Awarded Ryerson SRC Award. Ryerson University. 2011.
  • Awarded Ryerson’s Sarwan Sahota Research Award. Ryerson University. 2009.