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About Us

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The 21st century is characterized by exciting new opportunities provided by information technology and by the myriad of changes that information technology is bringing to organizations and society. Our Bachelor of Commerce degree equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to facilitate these changes and to build a solid foundation for their career development.

The vitality of this school comes from our continuous involvement with industry and our faculty's commitment to academic excellence. Our graduates are already succeeding in a wide range of careers – as marketing and product managers, project leaders, business analysts, management and computer consultants, application developers and implementers. Some have completed graduate studies at leading schools in North America and Europe to further improve their credentials and contribute to ICT-related knowledge and practice.

Our school is not only one of the leading schools to combine management and information technology education, but also the largest in Canada.

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Central Downtown Location

The Ted Rogers School of Management is part of Toronto Metropolitan University’s urban campus, surrounded by many of Toronto’s leading businesses and attractions - giving students unparalleled opportunities to connect with employers and industry leaders.

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Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is an active group of industry leaders who are committed to helping our students succeed.

Through engagement initiatives such as networking events, case competitions, lunches, galas, dinners and case competitions, students have opportunities to interact with members of the Advisory Council in professional settings, sharpening their networking and communication skills.

The Advisory Council also provides valuable insight and feedback on matters such as program structure, co-op, and curriculum content. Their input helps ensure our graduates exceed the expectations and demands of the job market.