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Course Outlines

The following table contains the course outlines for the 2022-2023 academic year. All course outlines are in PDF format and may require a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader (external link)  to view and print. 

To obtain course outlines from previous years, or if you require an alternative format, please contact us. 

* Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for your degree requirements.

**  (google slide) 2022 ITM Electives Information Session (external link) 

The Role of Transparency and Privacy in Creative Dialogues on Enterprise Social Media 

Learn more in ITM 795 Social Media Analytics, ITM 820 IS Security and Privacy and ITM 740 AI in Business.

Stay tuned for an upcoming course in 2023/2024 - ITM751: Natural Language Processing for Business! 

Course Code Course Title & Syllabus Course Coordinator
ITM 100 Foundations of Information Systems (external link)  Dr. Sameh Al Natour
ITM 102
Business Information Systems I (external link)  Professor Robert Hudyma
ITM 107 Managerial Decision Making (external link)  Dr. Aziz Guergachi
ITM 200 Fundamentals of Programming (external link)  Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 207 Computer-Enabled Problem Solving (external link)  Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 301 IT Infrastructure (external link)  Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 305 Systems Analysis & Design (external link)  Professor Ray Moss 
ITM 315 Server Administration (external link)  Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 330 Supply Chain Process Architecture Dr. Ravi Vatrapu
ITM 350 Concepts of e-Business Dr. Deborah Fels
ITM 410 Business Process Design (external link)  Dr. Linying Dong 
ITM 415 Business Process Management (external link)  Dr. Linying Dong
ITM 430 System Design and Implementation Dr. Aziz Guergachi
ITM 445 Multimedia in Business (external link)  Dr. Deborah Fels
ITM 500 Data and Information Management (external link)  Dr. Mehdi Kargar 
ITM 501 Prescriptive Analytics and Simulation  (external link)  Dr. Ravi Vatrapu
ITM 550 Advanced E-business (external link)  Dr. Deborah Fels
ITM 600 Data Communications Network Design  (external link)  Dr. Farid Shirazi 
ITM 605 Client Server Applications Dr. Youcef Derbal
ITM 610 Database Administration Dr. Farid Shirazi 
ITM 618 Business Intelligence and Analytics (external link)  Dr. Morteza Zihayat
ITM 703 Current Issues in Information Systems Management  
ITM 706 Enterprise Architecture (external link)  Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 707 Strategy, Management and Acquisition (external link)  Dr. Burcu Bulgurcu
ITM 711 Cloud Computing (external link)  Dr. Ravi Vatrapu
ITM 733 Research in I.T. - Independent Study Direct all course requirement queries to Dr. Farid Shirazi (, Coordinator
ITM 735 ICT and Diversity Management  (external link)  Dr. Catherine Middleton
ITM740 Artificial Intelligence in Business  (external link)  Dr. Morteza Zihayat 
ITM 750 IS Project Management (external link)  Dr. Jim Tam
ITM 775  ICT and Sustainability  (external link)  Dr .Farid Shirazi
ITM 752 Data Visualization  (external link)  Dr. Burcu Bulgurcu 
ITM 760 Big Data Analytics (external link)  Dr. Morteza Zihayat
ITM 780 Web Design and Management Dr. Deborah Fels
ITM 795 Social Media Analytics (external link)  Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd
ITM 820 Information Systems Security and Privacy (external link)  Dr. Farid Shirazi
ITM 825  Enterprise Information Security  (external link)  Dr. Atty Mashatan
ITM 830  Blockchain in the Enterprise (external link)  Dr. Atty Mashatan
ITM900 Capstone Project  (external link)  Dr. Bouchaib Bahli
Appendix (external link)