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Directory of Records

The Directory of Records (DOR) is in the process of being incorporated into Ryerson's Records Retention Schedule (RRS).  To determine if Ryerson holds records on certain topics, search on key words related to the information you are seeking in the RRS. 


General Records

Personal Information

I. Governance

  Academic program development  a. Board of Governors Membership
  Agendas b. Honourary Degrees
  Appointments c. Senate Membership [formerly Academic Council]
  Budget planning  
  Committees and Meetings  (General)  
  Contracts and Agreements  
  Delegation of Authority  
  Elections and Referenda  
  External Relations  
  Government Relations  
  Intellectual Property  
  Organization Charts  
  Policies, Procedures, Standards  
  Program Management and Administration  
  Program Planning  
  Program Review or Audit  
  Reference and Information  
  Records Management  
  Special Projects  
  Staff Meetings  

II.  Student Administration

  Records relating to student administration including undergraduate student recruitment and admissions, enrollment, records and government reporting. 

a. Admissions
  Course and exam timetables b. Faculty and Departmental Student Files 
  Promotion materials c. Student Academic Advising
  Student Calendars d. Student Academic Appeals 
  Academic Advising resources  e. Student Awards and Scholarships
    f. Student Discipline (including non-academic discipline if escalated to Senate Appeals Committee) 
    g. Student Financial Accounting
    h. Student Placements
    i. Student Registration 
    j. Student tests, examinations and other evaluative materials

III.  Student Services

  Records relating to the provision of non-academic services and resources exclusively available to Ryerson University students.   a. Aboriginal Student Services
    b. Access Centre for Students with Disabilities 
    c. Career Services
    d. Centre for Student Development and Counselling
    e.Human Rights Services
    f. Health Centre Records
    g. International Services for Students 
    h. Learning Success Centre 
    i. Mature Students
    j. Sports and Recreation
    k. Student Housing
    l. Student Non-Academic Discipline  
    m. Tri Mentoring Program

IV.  Community Services

  Records relating to the provision of non-academic services that are available to both Ryerson Students, faculty and the public a. Ryerson Athletic Centre [See also Student Services - Sports and Recreation]
    b. Ryerson Early Learning Centre (day care centre) 
    c. Ryerson University Day Camp 

V.  Academic Program Management

  Records relating to the provision of instruction, including records concerning academic program management, accreditation, continuing education, course management, exam schedules, evaluation of student work, and evaluation of instructors and courses. a. Academic Review
  Curriculum, syllabus, course and program planning and development b. Academic and Instructor Management
  Instructional development for faculty  c. Accreditation Files
  Teaching documentation (teaching schedules and responsibilities) d. Faculty Course Surveys 
  Graduate student supervision d. Research and Innovation
  Learning documentation (assessment for awarding final marks)  
  Research and Innovation  

VI.  University Advancement

  Records relating to promotion of university and unit mission and programs, to ensuring good public relations and to expanding resources, including records concerning alumni activities, ceremonies and special events, donors and fundraising, media relations and outreach, and publications. a.      Convocation/Alumni Records
    b.      Donor Files and Agreements
    c.       Planned Giving

VII.  Administration and Services

Business Services

Records relating to business services including parking, duplicating and printing, bookstore, food services, One Card office, facility rentals, conference services, shipping and receiving. Ancillary Services: One Card Office, Parking Office, Bookstore, Conference Services and Ryerson Theatre/Facilities Rental

Campus Planning and Facilities

Architectural drawings Incident reports regarding campus and facilities
  Building alteration files  
  Building constructions files  
  Building operations files  
  Building permits  
  Capital budget files  
  Environmental Health, Safety and Security Management    
  Lease records  
  Physical planning records  
  Service requests  
  Utilities records  

Computing and Computing Services (CCS)

Records relating to provision of services to support the information resource, computing, and communications requirements of the Ryerson community including but not limited to the management of the university’s information technology such as voicemail services and assistance, computer assistance, computer training, computer lab bookings, exam grading, email accounts, website accounts CCS 

Financial Services

Accounting Employee, Faculty and Student finance files [See also Student Financial Accounting] 
  Accounts payable  
  Accounts receivable  
  Banking and cash  
  Loans, investments, guarantees  
  Research accounting  
  Risk management – Insurance  
  Risk management – Waivers and releases  
  Signing authority  
  Trusts and endowments  

General Counsel

Contracts Freedom of Information request files, evaluative materials regarding legal files
  Legal case management  


Records relating to the operation and maintaince of the library as well as research and library materials Library membership files

Human Resources

Benefits Faculty, instructor and staff employment files
  Employee Assistance Programs  
  Employee Relations  
  Grievances and Appeals  
  Pension Management  
  Performance Development and Review  
  Position and Complement Planning and Management  
  Position Description, Classification and Compensation  
  Professional Development and Training  
  Recruitment and Hiring  
  Work Schedules, Absence and Leave Management  

Security and Emergency Services

Records relating to maintaining the security of Ryerson University community including operational records, procedures and investigations Incident reports related to security issues
    Closed Circuit Television Surveillance Tapes
    Photographs of individuals
    Physical descriptions of individual
    Personal contact information of those involved in security incidents or investigations