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Richard Chisik

EducationPh.D., Economics, Northwestern University, 1997
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 554620
Areas of ExpertiseInternational Trade, Microeconomics

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Teaching Fields 

International Trade, Microeconomics, Industrial Organization 

Selected Publications

Chisik, R., "Does inequality drive the Dutch disease? Theory and evidence,” (with N. Behzadan, H. Onder and B. Battaile), Journal of International Economics, 106, 104-118, 2017.

Chisik, R., "Job market signalling, stereotype threat, and counter-stereotypical behaviour,” Canadian Journal of Economics, 48(1), 155-188, 2015.

Chisik, R., "Trade disputes, quality choice, and economic integration,” Journal of International Economics, 88(1), 47-61, 2012.

Chisik, R., "Asymmetric FDI and tax-treaty bargaining: theory and evidence," (with R.B. Davies), Journal of Public Economics, 88(6), 1119-1148, 2004.

Chisik, R., "Gradualism in tax treaties with irreversible foreign direct investment," (with R.B. Davies), International Economic Review, 45(1), 113-139, 2004

Chisik, R., "Gradualism in free trade agreements: A theoretical justification," Journal of International Economics, 59(2), 367-397, 2003.

Chisik, R., "Export industry policy and reputational comparative advantage," Journal of International Economics, 59(2), 423-451, 2003.