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MA Degree Requirements


EF8100 Mathematics and Statistics Review (non credit)*

EF8901 Microeconomics
EF8902 Macroeconomics
EF8903 Applied Econometrics
EF8904 Financial Theory

3 Elective Courses
At least 1 course from the following streams:

Field 1 – International Finance
EF8911 International Finance

Field 2 – International Trade
EF8931 International Trade Theory & Policy

2 elective courses or 1 elective course if both EF8911 and EF8931 are chosen (see Electives below)

AND one of the following options:

Master's Paper Option (milestone)

Internship Option (milestone)

Course Only Option - one additional elective


EF8912 Country Risk Analysis
EF8913 Empirical Topics in International Finance
EF8914 Financial Econometrics
EF8915 International Corporate Finance
EF8932 International Trade Under Imperfect Competition
EF8933 Empirical Topics in International Trade
EF8934 Global Institutions and the International Economy
EF8935 The Law and Regulation of International Trade and Investment
EF8936 International Public Economics
EF8937 Labour Economics
EF8938 Development Microeconomics
EF8939 Topics in Econometrics
EF8940 Environment Economics
EF8941 Topics in Development Economics
EF8942 Industrial Organization
EF8943 Monetary Economics
EF8944 Panel Data and NL Model Analysis
EF8945 Nonparametric Data Analysis

It is important to note that not all electives are offered during each academic year.

*Material will be made available online for applicants and incoming students to review.

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