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PhD in Economics Program

Program Overview

The PhD in Economics program requires the completion of the preliminary Mathematics and Statistics Review course, the Seminar course, the PhD dissertation, the PhD comprehensive exams, and 14 one-credit courses. The course requirements should be completed in a maximum period of 2-years (6 semesters) from the beginning of the PhD program. The PhD program is available on a full-time basis only.

This program only offers a Fall in-take.

PhD Comprehensive Examination

The Comprehensive examinations will consist of two examinations in microeconomic theory and macroeconomic theory, and one field examination. The theory exams should be completed successfully within two years of registration into the PhD program. The field exam, which normally takes the form of a dissertation proposal, must receive the approval of the Faculty Advisor and members of the Dissertation Supervisory Committee in the third year of study before the end of the Winter term.

PhD Dissertation

To complete the PhD degree, a student’s dissertation that contains original and significant research must receive final approval of a Dissertation Examining Committee, as described by the official policies of the SGS. The dissertation must be presented and defended at a public colloquium convened by the Dissertation Supervisor for that purpose. This defence should be announced at least three weeks in advance. Preliminary research to develop a dissertation topic normally begins in the second year of study and the third and fourth years are devoted to developing and refining this research. Throughout this phase students must interact closely with their Faculty Supervisors and Dissertation Committees. The PhD seminar course will provide an opportunity for PhD candidates to present their dissertation research to other students and faculty, but does not substitute for the dissertation proposal.

PhD Seminar

The objective of this course is to prepare students for writing their PhD dissertations. The course will consist of a series of seminar presentations by faculty and PhD candidates. Faculty will present their latest research work and discuss their experience in conducting scholarly research. Every year, PhD candidates in third year and above will present their ongoing research. Attendance in the PhD seminar course and the regular departmental seminar series are mandatory for all PhD students in second year and above.

Mathematics and Review Course

All students entering the PhD program must attend and pass the Mathematics and Statistics Review Course. This course is normally scheduled during the last two weeks in August (prior to the start of the official school year). Its frequency is five lectures per week of length 3 to 4 hours each. The exam, which is scheduled immediately before regular classes commence, is graded on a pass/fail basis. Students who do no pass will be permitted one more attempt during the Fall term. If a students does not pass during his/her second attempt, he/she is required to withdraw from the PhD program.

The full list of degree requirements