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MA in International Economics and Finance Program

Program Overview

The requirements for the MA in International Economics and Finance program are the completion of the Mathematics and Statistics Review course and seven one-credit courses and the completion of one of the following: One Additional Course, Master's Paper or Internship. The MA program can be completed in 1-year (12 months consecutive) of full-time study, or 2-years (24 months consecutive) of part-time study.

This program only offers a Fall in-take.

Mathematics and Statistics Review Course

All students entering the MA program must attend and pass the Mathematics and Statistics Review Course. This course is normally scheduled during the last two weeks in August (prior to the start of the official school year). Its frequency is five lectures per week of length 3 to 4 hours each. The exam, which is scheduled immediately before regular classes commence, is graded on a pass/fail basis. Students who do not pass will be permitted one more attempt during the Fall term. If a students does not pass during his/her second attempt, he/she is required to withdraw from the MA program.

Master's Paper

The Master's Paper is completed under the direction of a Supervisor and Second Reader from the participating teaching faculty. Students are not required to obtain a supervisor prior to the start of the program. Students will choose a topic and research supervisor at the end of the second (Winter) term. During the Spring/Summer term students will work to complete their research paper.


Internship requires department approval.

The full list of degree requirements