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GCS Student Experiences & Global Lessons

Students who join the Global Campus Studio from around the world get an opportunity like no other to gain important 21st-century skills that prepares them to become the creative leaders of tomorrow. The experience emulates future employment workplace environments where interdisciplinary teams collaborate across borders in real time using digital technologies.

A unique opportunity to gain key, transferable, 21st-century skills to collaborate globally.


At the end of each term, the international co-creations are presented at a final showcase to exhibit some of the key learning outcomes from the unique collaboration.


Reconstituting Connection

Projects range from AR/VR to mobile app development to interaction design, co-created by students in Toronto, Amsterdam, London, and Vadodara.



The Future of Creative Audience Engagement

Projects range from interactive art galleries to mobile app development to multisensory media experiences, co-created by students in Toronto, Amsterdam, India, and Hong Kong.



Reimagining the Creative Fields post COVID-19

Projects range from AR/VR to mobile app development to interactive design, co-created by students in Toronto, London, Seoul and Stuttgart.



Climate Change

Projects range from children’s engagement in the mobile environment, immersive VR experiences to interactive storytelling, co-created by Toronto, London, Oulu, and Stuttgart.

Student Voices

Breathe Underwater

A co-created music video by students in Toronto and Seoul. The co-creation aims to demonstrate that creativity has no limits and technology allows us to overcome physical barriers.

- Toronto & Seoul, Fall 2020

Critical Reflections

International peers connect to do a Critical Reflection on what they’ve learned about co-creating across the globe and different time zones while addressing cultural differences and things they were surprised about.

- Toronto, London, Seoul & Stuttgart, Fall 2020

Global Lessons

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Sadia Kamran
Sadia Kamran

Associate Director, International Development