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If I had to choose one word to describe my [global] experience, it would be life changing.

Sofia Powell, Edinburgh, Scotland Exchange
Dean Charles Falzon wearing a suit standing in a hallway

“Now more than ever students need access to the global market to explore diverse approaches to creativity and innovation. They need the 21st skills of global future leaders. This is why my goal as Dean is for every single student at The Creative School to graduate with at least one international experience.”

- Charles Falzon, Dean

Find Your Next Adventure!

London, England
Cortona, Italy
New York, USA

The Creative School International Hubs

Our hubs provide many touchpoints in creative cities around the world in partnership with strategic academic partners. 

  • Explore research and creative opportunities in the top creative cities around the world
  • Work alongside international students on creative projects
  • Network with local industries and learn about international markets 
  • Benefit from alumni mentorship services abroad

Semester Exchange

Take part in exchange for one semester in your 3rd year and earn credits towards your degree without delaying graduation 

  • Expand your understanding of the world from new and diverse perspectives
  • Develop relationships and build your global network
  • Discover new career opportunities and obtain international work experience
  • Challenge yourself and grow your capacity for resilience and adaptability 

Virtual Intensives

Discover short-term opportunities and ways to work on virtual projects collaboratively with students from around the world 

  • Participate in hackathons, semester courses, international projects within the classroom and more
  • Gain valuable intercultural skills and build your global network 
  • Add international projects to your portfolio 

Global Campus Studio

A virtual transdisciplinary course for international collaboration and co-creation among university students in Canada and around the world 

  • Develop an understanding of global collaboration and innovative practices
  • Work in diverse, international teams 
  • Student projects range from television and film, performance, fashion, documentary, experiential entertainment and beyond

Cortona Experience

An immersive opportunity for students to apply innovative thinking to creative projects in historic Tuscany located in the heart of Italy

  • Discipline-specific and transdisciplinary courses offered in the summer
  • Group setting, hands-on experience
  • Collaborate with Cortona on the Move, an international arts organization
  • Learn and collaborate with local Italian organizations

Travel Intensives

Immersive travel experiences that are intensive from LA to Dubai to Hong Kong and many cities in between. 

  • Explore the creative industries in other parts of the world 
  • For-credit courses or co-curricular projects
  • Participate in competitions offered by The Creative School or international partners
  • Learn about diverse approaches to creativity and innovation 

Global Buddy Program

The Global Buddy Program is a two-way intercultural exchange in which you and a student from a partner university are matched for a semester 

  • Gain global perspectives and make a new friend
  • Help a new exchange student feel supported and connected with The Creative School 
  • Learn about each other’s countries, cultures and and perspectives 
  • Provide peer support and advice as a student 

Who We Are

To find out more on how to partner with The Creative School, engage or participate in one of the opportunities above, contact us today.

Sadia Kamran

Sadia Kamran

Associate Director, International Development

Swathi Chembathi
Swathi Chembathi

International Coordinator

Alexandra Pavliuc

UK Lead