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Global Campus Studio

The Global Campus Studio (GCS) is a virtual hub for international collaboration and co-creation among university students at The Creative School and around the world.

GCS is an internationally-focused course that provides students at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) and partner institutions around the globe the opportunity to collaborate with diverse international teams on original creative projects.

How Global Campus Studio Works

Within an online studio setting and using contemporary collaboration tools and technologies, student work on projects that engage in disciplines ranging from television to film, performance, fashion, documentary, experiential entertainment and beyond.

Learning objectives for this unique course include the development of innovative creative practices, a strengthened understanding of global collaboration and online co-creation, and how to work successfully in diverse, remote teams.



Every semester, the university offers GCS as a for-credit module. International academic partners then choose one of their own modules to run concurrently


Together, faculty members at both institutions choose a creative project, or brief, for students to collaborate on


Students develop new concepts as innovative prototypes within a virtual studio environment, helped along by instruction and mentorship

Photo of a student standing in front of a brick wall

Dorcas B., GCS Fall 2018

Always keep an open mind when listening to other ideas. The distance between your co-creators may seem far, but when you all come together, that distance gets smaller and it’s a rewarding feeling.

Dorcas B., GCS

Co-create in Real-Time with International Teams

Leveraging The Creative School's impressive roster of international partners, the Global Campus Studio offers students the opportunity to participate in hands-on development and production with international students from around the world. These international teams create boundary-pushing work that culminates from bringing together  global perspectives and diverse skill-sets, all while earning credits towards graduating.

Within an online studio setting, using contemporary collaboration tools and technologies, student projects engage in disciplines ranging from television to film, performance, fashion, documentary, experiential entertainment and beyond.

Why Participate in Global Campus Studio?

Diverse approaches to innovation

Collaboration and co-creation with diverse creators

Access to international storytelling practices

Content development for global audiences

Media distribution in a borderless world

Global leadership strategies and social influence

Students who participate in Global Campus Studio gain valuable skills


Critical Thinking


Social & Cultural Awareness


Problem Solving



Be confident in your abilities and be open to new ideas. Trust in your group members and be comfortable with relinquishing control. Leadership and communication are the two most prominent transferable skills I gained through GCS

Vyllana N.
Student smiling at camera with brown hair and white shirt

Vyllana N., GCS

How to apply: Students interested in joining this unique international opportunity will need to enrol in FCD 816: Global Campus Studio Supercourse 1.

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