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Global Campus Studio Showcase

At the end of each term, students from around the world who have been collaborating and co-creating on creative projects through the Global Campus Studio get a chance to showcase their work to an international panel of experts.

Explore creative co-creations from around the world

Year: 2021, 2023

Creating Public Spaces Post-Pandemic
2023: Reimagining Creative Entrepreneurship: Meeting the Needs of an Evolving Audience

Types of projects: Interacive art galleries, mobile app develpment co-created by students in Canada and Chile

Partner University: Universidad Del Desarrollo

Faculty leads:
Ramona Pringle and Patricio Soto-Aguilar
2023: Winston Sih and Patricio Soto-Aguilar

FestFLIX_ in cooperation with Live Nation

FestFlix (external link, opens in new window) 

Anneke Flindt, Luca Marc Gaiser, Leandra Kusch, Niklas Neumann, Samir Ahmad Shah
Step into the front row of your favorite concerts and immerse yourself in the ultimate live music experience with FestFlix! FestFlix is a groundbreaking platform bringing the thrill of live performances to the comfort of your own home through livestreams. Elevate your concert experience with FestFlix!
Exploring Therapeutic Music Journeys Harmony in Virtual Reality Combining Music Therapy & VR To Empower Individuals

Harmonia (external link, opens in new window) 

Arthur Guillou, Nicole Jimenez, Arthur Mercadal, Henil Shah, Rishita Singh Thakur, Uchechi Njoku Unjoku
Harmonia is a virtual reality music therapy tool that is designed to help aid consumers who are struggling with mental health and/or addictions by bringing the user into a universe of peace and providing them with music and graphics that are specific to each of our user's needs. 
MotionSphere Break the Boundaries, Unleash Your Script's Potential

MotionSphere (external link, opens in new window) 

Williams Acosta, Felix Böhler, Rosie Uyen Ha, Adama Abdoulaye Hamadou, Lucas Riise Laurhardt, Katherine Veilleux
MotionSphere, where the power of storytelling meets the realm of possibilities! The ultimate platform dedicated to unlocking the potential of freelance screenwriters and connecting them with movie studios on a global scale. Let your creativity soar, and let MotionSphere be your launchpad to cinematic success!
Portfolink Impressive work by expressive personas

PORTFOLINK (external link, opens in new window) 

Alina Gao, Tanya Pabaru, Jes Broby Tinghuus Petersen, Martina Plati, Stefany Puebla, Rasmus Legind-Hansen Taarup
Portfolink - your go-to global creative job searching platform. Portfolink values each creative individual's unique talents on a streamlined platform. The aim is to cultivate a creative community that seamlessly connects with brands for collaborations and partnerships.
A new way to experience music Rhapsody

RHAPSODY (external link, opens in new window) 

Favour-Deborah Adamson, Lukas Alejandro, Kunchoe Chazotzang, Jarra Herrera, Fynn Morneau, Alexa Villegas
Rhapsody aims to revolutionize the music industry by offering scheduled virtual reality concerts fitting with the specific time zones of different areas. With Rhapsody, you can experience the closest thing to being at a real concert.
Welcome to uava view games contact

UAVA (external link, opens in new window) 

Sofia Meza Dominguez, Theo Fayez, Paula Lagos, Angelina Monzon, Aryana Rizvi, Mariana Tomohiro, Emma Duong Tran
UAVA is a children's toy-to-life app that converts toys families already own to digital avatars in an open world game. UAVA scans in the toy to create a character that children can customize. 
Introducing VR Mirror The Digital Dress Room

VR Mirror (external link, opens in new window) 

Knorr Erika, Ormeno Ignacio, Schierz Lauren, Aziz Marwa, Cruces Nicolas, Vasquez Raimundo
The VR Mirror provides a shopping experience like you've never known before, designed to allow individuals to avoid the common inconveniences of shopping in person and the often uninformed decisions that come with mindless online shopping. The VR Mirror allows users to do so by feeling like they're trying on their favourite styles by use of virtual reality to make informed decisions about the clothing they buy.
crop-a-thon community based program where people are invited to take part in a communitarian farm

Crop-a-thon (external link) 

Charlize Alcaraz, Shakailah Allison, Tae Yeon Kang, Felipe Ignacio Germany Labarca and Trinidad Santamaria Urbina
Crop-a-thon intends to restore the social relationships amongst people of all ages, making them constantly interact in an open and wide space to achieve common goals and discover new friendships and abilities. Our product consists of a communitarian farm created and developed by groups of people between the ages of 18 and 23, who are eager to discover, learn and harvest farming crops, which will be used for their benefit and allow them to find new and healthier ways of eating.
a purple and orange poster saying we can do

A Latin American-Canadian Art Exhibit (external link) 

Francisco Araya, Constanza Guevara, Emile Riga, Grissell Silva and Jaden Tsan
A Latin American-Canadian Art Exhibit in Toronto, with physical and digital art done by Latin American-Canadian artists, as well as a VR experience of the Barrio Lastarria in Santiago. The Exhibit will also include a small coffee shop, where Peruvian coffee will be served to enhance the immersive experience.
locals view from your front door to yours welcome to our platform, we are a group of Chilean and Canadian university students that have created a one stop shop for all things local. Learn about international culture and local spots. Join in our community

Locals View (external link) 

Daniela Buggea, Kay Crerar, Camila Figueroa, James Lozinski, Liam Murphy and Andrés Tapia
Locals View is an interactive website where you can find a thousand videos and information about different places such as coffee shops, restaurants, nature spots, culture, and many other things that are unique to different countries, here you can discover the secret places that only local people know, and you can also upload your city's unique places and create a community.
bringing the runway to your mobile device in white text and in the background a model walking a runway

MODA (external link) 

Tala Al Abbasi, Javierra Herrera, Merida Moffat,Valentina Quiroz and Felipe Tomasevic
MODA is an interactive augmented reality app which brings the designs and runway of fashion week into public spaces across the world- but will be launched in Toronto, Canada and Santiago, Chile. Users will download the app, and when they enter certain public spaces around the city they get to experience seeing the models walking the runway and showing off the fashion week designs, which is all connected to certain spots in the city through an augmented reality view via personal device.
movie night it's time to enjoy a movie night with friends with people on chairs in an open field watching a movie on a big projected screen

MOVIE NIGHT (external link) 

Sabrina Dewes and Benjamin Gutierrez
Film makers from Canada and Chile will come together to watch each others work be played together. Viewers can comment thoughts through a commenting system as well.
welcome to virtual movie theater connect with people

Virtual Movie Theater (external link) 

Gabrielle Laws, Camila Narvaez, Lucas Sierra,  Mariana Toloza and Nicolas Quiroga
Virtual Movie Theateris a platform for users to have the ability to make connections with others in a safe space from Covid-19. This server has video games replicating the feel of an arcade, food court where people could get coupons and discounts, and projection rooms for movies. People could have their own avatar and use the customization store, make new virtual friends, “hang out" with them, amongst other cool features. Our goal is to create this space to bring people together like old times before the pandemic.
wingmate connect with your city with three individuals smiling at the camera and wearing masquerade masks

Wingmate (external link) 

Ava Ludlow, Ricardo Pino and Adrian Marquet
Wingmate is a social networking app that introduces new people in cool places, ultimately connecting people with local artistry and culture by discovering smaller local businesses and artists in the city of Toronto and Santiago initially. We want to bring attention to the uniqueness of our cities by highlighting the local opportunities to learn and interact with different mediums of art and culture within the city.
find your match in black text find love doing what you love together wingmate helps you each step of the way in pink text and a yellow background

Wingmate (external link) 

Jasmine Dhillon
Wingmate is designed to connect you with people based on your mutual interests. Whether you want to make new friends, relationships or networking connections, wingmate will help you each step of the way. Wingmate was designed to work in a post-pandemic environment, where date recommendations include physically-distanced locations, and fun virtual dates.

​​Year: 2020, 2023

DesignAgility methodology for media prototyping to solve the challenge of improving the awareness of (external link) 
2023: How can a narrative young adult book be transformed into a graphic novel using generative AI applications

Types of projects: 
2020: Value-based approach for STEM students using textbook publisher’s supplementary online portal, co created by students in Canada and Germany
2023: Converting the cover and a representative part of the text (i.e., chapter) into a graphic novel, keeping the target audience's preferences in mind, co-created by students in Canada and Germany

Partner University: Stuttgart Media University

Faculty leads:
2020: Jason Lisi and Dr. Okke Schlüter
2023: Kim Wilson and Dr. Okke Schlüter 


Nadine Deting, Kinsley Fazzari, Audrey Grandinetti, Ann-Kathrin Haag

We adapted Chapter 1 of the children’s book Heidi into panels for a graphic novel. The story Heidi centers on a young orphan girl who is sent to the Swiss Alps to live with her grandfather. The original target audience for this book is children aged 6 to 9. We decided to transform the tale into a graphic novel for early teens, between the ages of 13 and 16. When it came to our design style, we chose to generate fantasy-inspired, lifelike illustrations using AI. Our images are vivid, mystical, and intricately detailed.


Meghan Baines, Nedira Böhler, Sophia Linke, Annika Losch

Experience 'Heidi', a groundbreaking thematic graphic novel. Crafted through an international collaboration between Toronto Metropolitan University and Stuttgart Media University, this project uniquely blends the classic tale with cutting-edge technology. AI not only wrote this description you are reading right now, but also generated stunning visuals with MidJourney. Immerse yourself in a captivating fusion of tradition and innovation as we redefine graphic storytelling. Join us on a magical journey where the synergy of AI and human creativity brings Heidi's world to life in ways never seen before.

Little Red Riding Hood

Elelta Fessehaie, George Hunter, Clara Stauber, Selina Tipold

Embarking on a visionary project, our team worked on creating a Graphic Novel of the classic tale of Red Riding Hood using the generative AI tool Midjourney. Pushing boundaries of storytelling in the Digital Era we explored the impressive abilities of AI creating impressive sceneries and characters in diverse visual styles.

Little Women

Jian Apolinar, Sarah Karkutsch, Jenny Kim, Lena Rixinger

Embark on a unique literary journey as students from Toronto Metropolitan University and Stuttgart Media University present their collaborative project—a captivating graphic novel adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women." Leveraging the cutting-edge AI Technology, MidJourney, the team brings this classic to life with reimagined scenes that intricately mirror the preferred art styles of today's younger generation. Immerse yourself in the harmonious synergy of classic literature and AI-driven creativity, exploring a fresh perspective on this beloved tale.

Little Woman

Robert Barnett, Sarah Gökeler, Stephanie Popow

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Woman is a classic coming-of-age tale following the ever-iconic March sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy - is our core source of inspiration in this Graphic Novel adaptation. Taking on this story was a surprise endeavour for our group, but a definite happy accident as we were enchanted by the themes of love and self-discovery that is so rich in the narrative. We worked with Midjourney to “/imagine” Chapter 3: The Lawrence boy of Alcott’s novel to showcase a variety of space and emotion that chapter provided us.

Little Women

Tosca Boudestein, Ekaterina Ilina, Jasmin Lieb, Lisa-Marie Marx

We chose Little Women as our book. We promoted our panels for the first chapter, arranging the panels on double pages in an InDesign document. We created a cover for our graphic novel.

Little Women

Roslinda Sodoli, Milena Starcenko, Ridwan Yusuf

Little Women is a story chronicling the lives of four sisters Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth, after their father leaves to fight in the American civil war. The book follows the sisters along their journey into womanhood, and touches on topics regarding love, death, grief, and feminism. The book primarily follows Jo and her journey into becoming a published female author at a time where it was very difficult for women to be taken seriously. As a group we have decided to focus on chapter three, as we feel this is where the character interactions are the most dynamic and interesting. Our target audience for this project is young children between the ages of 9-13, who are just beginning to independently read more complex works. Our personas for this project are a school teacher named Nathan, a mother named Joanna, and two students named Phillip and Lily respectively.

The Secret Garden

Karan Boparai, Chanel Hart, Sean Honoré, Samantha Kaszas, Constancia Oertel

The Secret Garden is a classic in children's literature, written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, that we have adapted to reframe as a graphic novel. Using generative AI, we made this idea come to life. With a collaborative effort from three TMU students and two students from the University of Media in Stuttgart, Germany, the first three chapters of "The Secret Garden" were blended, with a focus on the darker perspective of the novel, utilizing current fads such as the gothic aesthetic of Wednesday Addams to enhance this overall tone and make it modern.

The Wizard of Oz

Leonie Eul, Janina Heinz, Bailey Mercer, Joshua Will

We chose the Wizard of Oz as our book because we wanted to bring back this classic novel to be revitalized for younger audience. We decided after our interviews that using a manga art style would help capture the attention of a younger audience that struggles to focus with text-heavy novels. The target audience is young female adults aged 12-20 years old. We chose to go with a Studio Ghibli style using MidJourney’s Niji model to generate our images for our graphic novel.

The Wizard of Oz

Nina Juppe, Alex Lalonde, Zhen Park-Vandal, Dayna Tscharnke

Will artificial intelligence shape the creation of our literary works? This was the central inquiry driving our collaborative course, a joint effort between TMU and Stuttgart HDM. To explore this question, we embarked on a creative journey to develop a graphic novel, partnering with ChatGPT and MidJourney. The outcome of our endeavor is an innovative reimagining of the classic narrative of "The Wizard of Oz," showcasing the fascinating possibilities that emerge when AI collaborates with human creativity. Join us on this exploration of the future of storytelling, and welcome to a journey to the future of literature!


Tristan Aus, Kate Binkley, Sophie Cameron, and Chuli Qian

A prototype for Wiley and Sons Science-To-Go portal to implement into their website to gain more traction and engagement across STEM students.

Live Chat

Dana Daschuk, Revi Riabinski, and Vanessa Wright

A focus on the Live Chat feature for the Wiley Design Challenge to create an inviting and easy to use chat platform that is built into the Science-To-Go website to allow students to interact with each other, ask for help and connect.

Enhanced Widgets/Tools

Meltorno Bell, Casey Chan, and Jodie Man

A prototype created on enhanced widgets and tools for Wiley, Science-to-go website. The idea developed for the prototype is based on our persons, who have a busy lifestyle and hope that the website will be able to help them with their school work efficiently. This prototype presents how the website could be improved and illustrates how the users can benefit from the improved features.

Discussion Boards/Messaging

Ranaa Akram, Hayden Campbell, and Weijing Lu

Science-To-Go is an educational platform where STEM students are given access to an umbrella of services ranging from across to course-admins, an online library of commonly utilized texts and integrated communications.

science to go by wiley-vch chemistry laboratory science and education with green orange blue and pink test tubes

Post/Share Features, Stories (external link) 

Francesco Lantorno, Nada Mohamed, Smiksha Singla, and Jacob Watson

A STEM focused social media platform to be featured on the Science-To-Go website. The idea behind the platform is to allow for STEM students to connect.

Year: 2021, 2022

2021: The Future of Creative Audience Engagement
2021: Creating Public Spaces Post-Pandemic
2022: Reconstituting Connection

Types of projects: User-experience apps to interactive art galleries to multisensory media experiences, co-created by students in Canada and The Netherlands

Partner Universities:
2021, 2022: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
2021: Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Faculty leads:
2021: Ramona Pringle and Rick Goossens, Genevieve Korte
2021: Daniel Drak and Andrés Novo de Bustamante
2022: Winston Sih and Jochem Kootstra

black and white discover+ text with the flags of the world reading crossing cultures

Crossing Cultures (external link) 

Sophia Davis, Faye Hendriks, Shadai Scoburgh, Isabel Soares and Anouk Vijn
CROSSING CULTURES, a user-experienced based feature for creating, sharing and discovering user content on one of the leading streaming services Discovery+. This feature provides users with the opportunity to connect with different cultures across the globe through Livestream. Breaking young viewers' filtered bubbles and fill them with diverse perspectives, introducing newer cultural content that would normally not come up most of our feeds on social media as well recommend a watch list on screaming services.

Discover Friends

Brianna Burns, Laura Faria, David Pauta, Carlijn Terol, Qicheng Zhao and Lynn Zweeris
DiscoverFriends, a social platform on Discovery+ with a goal to make socially responsible content more engaging by allowing you to rate, review and share your opinions on the documentaries you are watching. DiscoverFriends is a concept that is focused on global and local connection and entertainment with an interest in social personalization.
find and discover in white text with a rainbow coloured D with a dark purple spiral background. on the bottom choose your way out in white text with two arrows pointing down

Find & Discover (external link) 

Peggy Baltes, Babette Van Bergenhenegouwen, Tiffany Cheung, Thao Ha, Nouk Hoogervorst, Merziya Hussain, Abinesh Jeyarajah and Rongrong Zhang
Find & Discover, an interactive experience that allows users to navigate their way through a virtual maze based on Discovery+ content. Upon answering a series of questions involving shows & movies available on Discovery+, users are guided to the end. Utilizing a maze is a unique experience that users will not only find memorable and exclusive to just Discovery+, but they will also be getting exposure to a variety of shows that the platform has to offer asides from the ones generated in the watchlist.

Sea Life (external link) 

Maya Fettes, Scott Guglielmi, Ilse Mentink, Amanda Noor, Tessa Remmelzwaal, Emma de Tonnac and Sofia Vescio
Sea Life, a two pronged environmental awareness campaign that combines entertainment with environment. With Sea Life our goal is to help our subjects and audience to see life beneath the waves. With this, discovery+ would also like to introduce Blue Out: A Sea Life Experience, a transportable, educational and interactive bar meant to inspire local and community change beyond the television screen through means of an immersive experience into our polluted oceans.
undiscovered in white text with a sea blue background on the bottom it says in partnership with discovery+

UNdiscovered (external link) 

Stephen Davis, Ethan Dayton, Shannon Domladovac, Amani Fakirni, Maho Irie, Maxime Kloos, Thu Nguyen and Diede van der Velden
UNdiscovered, a virtual world map that allows discovery+ users to break out of their streaming comfort zone by finding out what other users around the world are watching. With UNdiscovered, users can earn points by watching shows and movies they would never have seen before. They can use those points to unlock more content and move ahead to the next place on your travel bucket list.

Artfluence (external link) 

Mamoundu Mardis-Chatwin, Diarmuid Cooney, Jaylin Evans, Tanva James, Isaac Kim and Charlotte Kootte
ARTFLUENCE - a user -experienced based app, expanding the opportunity for people that are interested in digital art to provide them this new experience of being in a community through physical offline treasure hunts in search for art, with fun and sustainable challenges. This purchased app would be a city treasure hunt with unique and collective digital art as a reward.
biff best imaginary friends forever in black text and rainbow in the background

Best (Imaginary) Friends Forever (external link) 

Zia Brady, Olivia Gentil, Marie Lola Minimo, Boris Naish and Clancy Talbott
Best (Imaginary) Friends Forever, B(I)FF, is a creative project that aims to connect children aged 5-11 with creativity and address the lack of social interaction and play many children have experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. B(I)FF will be held at the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam and will utilize digital technology to allow children to create 2-D characters similar to imaginary friends. 
Digital Fashion Runway: Virtual Reality Meets the Runway

Digital Fashion Runway (external link) 

Sophie Bruintjes, Bangyu (Steven) Hao, Loes Kuper and Paolina Loseto
Digital Fashion Runway is a mixed-media, virtual reality fashion show based in the digital realm, with hybrid live event components, that sets out to revamp the traditional runway experience through prioritizing innovation, sustainability and inclusivity.
entwined in purple text and characters in the garden doing yoga and relaxing on sunbed style chairs

Entwined (external link) 

Holly Scott-Black, Lisa Tavoosi, Sarah Williams and Isabelle Wu
Entwined involves a piece of digital media that prompts physical action/creation, making it a perfect encapsulation of our hybrid future! Digital aspects support in-person creative work without detracting from it.
our creatives connect with community local artists on demand with two artists working on their designs one working on a mannequin and another artist with a red hat on working on their computer

OurCreatives (external link) 

Angelica Castro, Eros Corpuz, Thijs Van Halteren, and Fleur Trepels
OurCreatives' objective is to connect local artists and communities by using public spaces with a website that advertises their creative work. OurCreatives will be a platform for artists to expose their work to a local audience and create community engagement through publicity. It supports the voice of new and young artists emerging through the connection that exists in the art world.
creatr. what will you create?

Creatr (external link) 

Fahed Altaji, Alisha Chauhan, and Kiki Vet

Creatr is a virtual world that will stimulate your creativity, establish your connections, and help you flourish in your career! Connect with fellow creatives that you’ve never met before; a neighborhood away, or continents away. Collaborate, expand your audience, and grow as successful creators and artists with the help of your own personalized curator.

creating human to human connections through the love music in white text and a purple background with spotlights blazing

Crwd (external link) 

Michelle Callegari, Tatum Dingemans, Paige Neddeau, Analisa Raimondo, and Silky Schmeltz
Crwd, is a music app that moves the virtual concert experience beyond your screen. Crwd combines social networking features, matchmaking algorithms, and gamification with AR and hologram technology to immerse you in music performances. In tandem with existing concert-hosting platforms, crwd replicates the shared experience of going to a concert without actually being there.
two hands in pink glaze touching each other with a starry background

4DMV (external link) 

Jet Bakkum, Philip Lemoyne, Su-Yin Muns, and Joshua Willick
4DMV is a unique audio-visual experience that expands past the senses of sight and sound. Providing audiences with the additional smell of distinctive and immersive environments.
DGallery the art of the future we support the individual artist

DGallery (external link) 

Elise Dorantes, Daniel Lindo, Mariska Maas, and Rosa Nooij
DGallery is an online virtual gallery. We support not only the arts, but also the individual artists and by using our app you will too. In our app you have the opportunity to create your very own gallery as well as view others. Simply add art you love or add your own art. You are able to enjoy our gallery by yourself or with others. It all depends on your mood and your customization settings. Turn your own house into a virtual gallery and watch paintings come to life.

DocuQuest (external link) 

Graham Beer, Marie-Elise Van Essen, Suzan Smit, and Sophie Soeterbroek
DocuQuest is a new video platform and software that allows filmmakers around the world to develop, edit and showcase new interactive documentaries. Choose your own adventure stories that will help documentary producers make their productions more engaging, innovative and accessible for all viewers.
G for gig girl wearing a black virtual reality set while playing with the controllers in a blue and pink background

GIG (external link) 

Jessica Adelson, Anne Tjon-A-Joe, Shari Jourdain, Jenna Macchione, and Laura Veldhuizen
GiG is an app where social media and streaming meet Virtual Reality. It is an immersive platform for musicians and listeners to find communities, host and attend engaging live concerts, and connect based on similar interests. Using virtual reality and Digital Me technologies (such as Virtual Cocoon and Virtual-U), GiG offers an imaginative music experience that isn’t limited to any physical boundaries, creating experiences that are more immersive than real life.
escape into the creative realm from the comfort of your own home

HomeGallery (external link) 

Sharon Cortenbach, Sabina Kazimova, Lindsay Kleuskens, Mirthe Vader, and Naama Weingarten
HomeGalley gives artists and art-lovers alike the opportunity to reconnect in a virtual environment, no matter where they are around the world. Through the app, users can start exploring the gallery by sliding their phone into an affordable, cardboard VR headset. This encourages people to purchase originals or prints from features local artists, which will provide them with truly global exposure.
objecktless a digital art platform for creator and viewer with an individual looking at their laptop screen while in a digitized futuristic environment


Tessa van der Grijspaarde, Job Heinsius, Yunchan Jung, Jonah Roberts, and Elisa Verhoeven
Objektless lends digital artists a space to display their creative work, while also providing a platform for audiences to view digital art. Using traditional controls, AR and even VR, players can view and interact with art on any device. Creating an avatar will also give players the ability to interact with friends while exploring art spaces together. Artists are financially supported through donations and an optional monthly subscription to the platform.
unleash your music network, editing and inspiration all in once place learn more with an iphone screen and musical beats and tones

Unleash (external link) 

Xanthe Buruma, Kristian Pashcalis, Farrahton Piers, and Carmel Rochon
UNLEASH is a network and editing service where you have everything you need to write and produce a song through real-time, virtual collaboration, eliminating the fuss of using multiple services. It seeks to eliminate poor connectivity, boost the creative process, and protect intellectual property of artists around the world. By using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and 5G Connectivity, UNLEASH fosters a creative environment through virtual technology for future generations of musicians.

Year: 2021

Theme: The Future of Creative Audience Engagement

Types of projects: AR/VR to mobile app development to interactive design, co-created by students in Toronto and Hong Kong

Partner University: Hong Kong Baptist University

Faculty leads: Dr. Emilia King and Kingsley Ng

Global Campus Studio Hong Kong and Toronto Group 7 Buddies in Creation download the app for matching art buddies near you or somewhere far away

Buddies in Creation (external link) 

Angela Mae Bago, Ivy Ho, Tarique Lewis, Patricia Mairina, and Tina Yeung

Buddies in Creation provide a platform for the creative industry to showcase their works and find partners in a secure and comfortable environment. It creates motivations for people to make arts without continental boundaries under or after the locked down period. By simple registration, creators could log into the app and pair up with art partners by simple procedures of setting their preferences. Matchings could be done both actively and passive, providing flexibility and improving the quality of pairing up.

Global Campus on a phone screen in dark and light blue tones

Global Digital Campus (external link) 

Anastasia Cernova, Cloris He Chen, Ethan Keyes, Kaixin Wang, and Laura Yan Na Yiu

With the beginning of online education we have lost opportunities to reach out to one another and connect, we hope to change this phenomenon with our project, Global Digital Campus. We plan to create an app that will give students across the globe a virtual space to safely come together to socialize and feel part of a community.

immersive campus universe project connecting cultures and creating connections

ICU Project (external link) 

Michelle Bui, Andy Hou Wun Ho, Joy Grant-Khan, Amanda Offer, and Miki Ho Ying Wong

The ICU Project is a strategic, safe and innovative take on connecting students in classrooms across the planet. We used clinically proven studying methods, cozy environments, and enticing festival-styled themes to create a space that is both relaxing and culturally experimental. ICU gives more possibilities of immersive experience and inspirations to virtual reality.

experience orbit. a cross-campus mobile and art installation integrating time differences around the world

Orbit (external link) 

Madeline Dawson, Jaedon Hall, Wing Yuet Li, Tse Chun SingWingyuet, and Daniel Sunga

Orbit: the ephemeral courier. Not only is it a mobile application, but it is also an ambient digital art installation that forges social connections around the world permanently altered by a global pandemic we return to our daily lives. Users can interact directly with the installation through a mobile app on their smartphones.

when was the last time you made a wish? a social mosaic of our collective hopes, dreams, and triumps in the time of covid-19 with two individuals in space suits gravitating in the sky with shining stars in the background

Wishing Star (external link) 

Madeleine Donaldson, Clive Ka-Lun Lee, Eric Pinkerton, and Queenie Lai Yi Yuen

Wishing Star: a social media style art piece for people to input their wishes, struggles, or triumphs and have them heard, validated, or celebrated by people across the world. The impact COVID-19 has had on mental health is being felt across the world. With long periods of isolation and uncertainty, it is easy to feel alone and disconnected from the world. Wishing Star is both virtual and physical art installation that is conducted in a parallel line of online and real-time scenario.

Year: 2020, 2022

2020: Reimagining the Creative Fields post COVID-19
2022: Reconstituting Connection
2022: Reimagining Community Engagement through Creativity and Media

Types of Projects: AR/VR to mobile app development to interactive design, co-created by students in Canada and United Kingdom

Partner University:
2020: University of the Arts London | London College of Communication
2022: University of the Arts London | London College of Communication
2022: University of Westminster

Faculty leads:
2020: Kim Wilson and Danyl Bartlett, Roy Caseley, Annie Wan, Susi Wilkinson 
2022: Michelle Cochrane and Izzy Barszcz
2022: Kim Wilson and Caroline Baruah

bloombox initiative in yellow and black text with a pink flower place in a blue cube above the title

bloombox initiative (external link) 

Marcela Bakhshi, Caitlin Cahill, Daniel Goldman, Vanessa “VNEXXA” López-Vanegas, Mike McGlashan, Anneke Steller and Angus Walsh

bloombox initiative, allows an accessible return to analog technology that when combined with the digital world, helped to inspire creative minds - rather than clutter them. bloombox Initiative, provides this physical connection by planting a network of drop-boxes in libraries into which analog creations can be submitted. Then, the works are digitized on our web platform to be shared with a global community! Users can watch as their creations bloom on our online map and explore new pieces from around the world.

city stepping in red and turquoise blue text with slogan underneath step into a new experience. an individuals are presented as they're walking on a road crossing that is white and grey

City Stepping (external link) 

Pulchart Chandini, Zapata Ellie, Boka Nlasa Eunice, Choi Horace, Khammar Joy and Duerr-Farrell Theresa

City Stepping, is a global market experience! Immerse yourself in the wonders of a new city from the comfort of your own. City Stepping prides itself in the ability to provide international experiences in a humble local setting, your local market. We know that physically traveling isn't always possible or accessible for everyone so we have made a way to bridge the gap for you! So, what are you waiting for? Let's discover the world together!

creative unbound in yellow text behind a cosmic red and blue background

Creative Unbound (external link) 

Justin Charles, Deniz Gulsen, Chloe Ho, Jessica Ho, Leah Mansfield, Ankit Singh, Alicia Unwin and Qianya Yin

Creative Unbound, a hybrid physical-digital zine for creative students by creative students. Creative Unbound enables Toronto, Canada and London, UK students in creative industries to connect and collaborate through the sharing of their creative work. The use of QR codes within the zine, allows students to share their work, by taking videos, and submitting them. The QR codes also allow for circulation and exposure of the same student creativity and collaboration opportunities in online and in-person spaces.

diversity in business in purple text behind a light purple background and on the right hand a logo in black stencil

Dib Startup Stories (external link) 

Joseph Berman, Mayaah Farrell, Cameron Hooper, Isabella Imren, Jocelyn McGillivray, Lily Ramsey and Chenglin Wu

Dib Startup Stories, fosters a community for BIPOC creatives to globally showcase their talents. Sharing their stories through interviews, chat forums, and events (such as the ‘Come to…’ series), we invite the local communities of London and Toronto to engage with their creators - to discuss, enjoy, and be inspired by their work in the creative industries both virtually and in reality. We recognise the power of local stories in the global market as opportunity to strengthen values that recognise everyone. Our vision is to create a platform where artists can gain notoriety and audiences can become creative.

quest for communication in brown text with three cartoon characters smiling and sitting together

Quest for Communication (external link) 

Ilinca Anastasiu, Jessica Gu, Tyson Hillier, Marlon Melendez, Shu-Hing To, Anker Vanderkuip, Dan Vraciu and Betty Wang

Quest for Communication, an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure comic exhibition that explores the different ways we can communicate across barriers. The exhibition will be available both in person and online, with galleries in Toronto and London, but worldwide access to the virtual tour. As you explore through the different storylines, make choices for the characters that will determine the outcome of their interactions with a young child. Each storyline has multiple different endings, and there’s further room for exploration in the forum for sharing your own artwork or story ideas for the project.

reloop in pink and white text with three wire frames showing on how the user experience works

Reloop (external link) 

Gwyneth Carreira, Isabella D'Alessandro, Adriana Figuereo, Aysia Hoene, Aiza Johari, Brya Sheridan and Erica Su

Reloop, aims to promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry and encourage a circular fashion economy through the repurposing of clothes.

the creative playground in green text with a black background white a white. bar underneath the text and see all in white text with a white right arrow

The Creative Playground (external link) 

Inga Danilevich, Sophie Moreau, Victoria Nickerson and Jacob Tann

The Creative Playground, an interactive adult playground exhibit to bring a variety of people together; all of which come from different cultural, economic and career backgrounds, to a space that employs everyone to let loose and feel joy like a kid again. This space will be conducive to letting participants express their “inner child” and connect with others through art. The focal point will be a structural art piece that functions as an adult jungle gym and the surrounding area will serve as a space for local vendors and creatives to sell and display their creations.

5ense a multisensory exhibit unlike anything seen before in white text with a cotton candy blue and pink background and clouds on the right hand side

5ENSE (external link) 

Margarida Belo, Rianna Black, Merlin Drzymala-Bokitch, Tiffany Cheung, Ana Grajdeanu and Fion Hoi

5ENSE, a 4D interactive experience. that provides people with the ability to take them to any place they want- ie, a beach, club, mountain top sun rise, and more. We are bringing people together by connecting them with places they have missed during the pandemic. The experience will involve a room with various temperatures, images projecting on screens all around, loud surround sound, and water/air spritzing accordingly.

plain blue background

Fractal Odyssey (external link) 

Douglas Aceiro Filho, Rosaire Huang, Beatrice Martin, Abhay Panot, Hani Al Salha, Aria Sen and Eden Schwinghamer 

Fractal Odyssey, a video game experience unlike any other. It aims to construct a cross-cultural monolith of work, as a testament to human resilience and creativity. The concept is two people at random will be paired up through the app. They will be teleported virtually into an environment and will be given instructions on how to proceed- a co-op puzzle. As you and your partner find the clues to the whole art piece, the artwork will slowly be revealed visually at the bottom of the screen.

strobe white lights with hands up in the air and in white text on the bottom reading experience quaranteam

Quaranteam (external link) 

David Ajibodu, Clara Childerley, Jordan Danner, Maya Abou Jalala, Urte Karvelyte, Megan Pilozo and Miranda Silverman

Quaranteam, a VR concert to connect in an increasingly isolated world. Through Virtual Reality, users may experience a live event take place while in the comfort of their own homes. Our VR live events are easily accessible across all VR platforms and hardware and the tickets are priced with the mainstream consumer in mind. Like the VR concert, the intention of the Quaranteam App is to promote unity and social cohesion in a post pandemic climate.

black virtual reality googles with the left side showing a musician holding a guitar

VR Concerts (external link) 

Yosef Glogauer, Sheryl Lim, Yunnuo Liu, Zedan Lyu, Anna Spencer and Rhea Yee

VR Concerts, the future for music lovers! With VR concerts, you can connect with your favourite bands (and aspiring ones) while raving with fellow concert goers, all while in the comfort of your own home! VR Concerts would be an accompaniment to live shows for people who can not attend in person, do not like large crowds, or are interested in other modes of viewing.

Co-pilot Logo

CoPilot (external link) 

Thea Blurton, Matthew Chenuz, Sophie Peralta, Tess Stuber, Louis-Sacha Talleux, Holly Telfer, Paitra Walker, and Ivy Au Yeung

Be your own tour guide with CoPilot! CoPilot allows you to create your own immersive travel experience with our customizable destination packages. Choose from Rome, Cairo, Tokyo or all three to experience this escapist video game where you can connect with your friends and even people from the culture. Travel through foreign destinations just as you would in real life.

Creatifii get inspired Creatifii is an app designed to break artist's block and spark inspiration for creatives of all kinds

Creatifii (external link) 

Juan Cardona, Catherine Dias, Chloe Elford, Yana Gilishtarova, Tania Habib, Shuchang Ke, Jamille Lopes, Hannah Maynes, and Tasneem Saeed

Creatifii is an app inspired by the isolation caused by COVID-19. It is designed to break artist’s block and spark inspiration for creatives of all kinds by providing themed and daily creative challenges. With its game and social media-like features, the app connects creatives from across the world and encourages each user to continue creating.


MOMENTO (external link) 

Anita Ghaffarian, Julia Pivetta, and Tiago Nunes

MOMENTO is an app that allows dancers to connect and build their skills through the online VR community that our prototype provides. Through VR technology, Users can dance with others from their own homes in a simulated live studio setting, through the use of the MOMENTO VR Goggles and Body tracking suit which picks up body movements trough the MOMENTO VR camera. MOMENTO looks to help the dance industry's creative recovery during Covid-19 as dance studios have become obsolete, beyond this MOMENTO is a tool that dancers can use post Covid to connect with dancers all around the world.

welcome to odyscene prepare to explore a new, whimsical form of virtual-based learning enter

OdyScene (external link) 

Mia Abboud, Clara Childerley, Felix Cheng, Ray Jan Liu, Luca Manca, Terry Manzi, Natalie Neagu, Margaret Pushkar, and Cadance Tan

OdyScene is a mobile VR app that facilitates creative connectivity among youth ages 8-12 through whimsical and educational adventures. The app features individual artistic realms where educators can engage students via customizable activities, thereby remedying the dullness of online learning. Educators can also employ the app as a means of "creative down-time" for students, allowing them to collaboratively design their own avatars, homes, etc. in OdyScene's "free-roam" realm. As the app is not restricted to school usage, youth are able to play on it in their own time and experience their own creative journeys, too.

a purple and pink gradient room

Sonic Fest VR (external link) 

Billy Beeson, Lorenzo Bonsignore, Stefania Fiorucci, Laura Garrett, Madison Green, Laith Al-Kinani, Krunal Manier, and Cyrus Man

Sonic Fest VR is the ultimate VR experience that brings you more than just the live concert experience to you! We give you the ability to learn about the production of concerts. Attend your favourite artists’ concerts with your friends from around the world. Then explore what the band really does backstage, browse new venues, learn about the artist’s best moments, control the lighting and sound, and so much more. Grab your pass, join Sonic Fest VR and relive the ambiance being at the front row of a concert!

voyagar in your head in your hands with a temple in the background

VoyagAR (external link) 

Jamie Flack, Joshua Lyons, Luisa Mai Markl, Kamila Michalak, Tessa Seferina, Matthew Surgenor, Saveliy Tserakhau, and Vaggelis Vazos

VoyagAR is a customizable online vacation experience that uses Virtual Reality (VR) to provide travels, from the comfort of people’s own houses. Our product is affordable and attractive, especially for families. With VoyagAR customers can have a vacation of their dreams.

Years: 2020, 2021, 2022

2020: Reimagining the Creative Fields post COVID-19
2021: Creating Public Spaces Post-Pandemic
2022: Reimagining Community Engagement through Creativity and Media

Types of projects: Interactive prototypes to immersive art galleries and  mobile apps to composing music to documentaries, co-created by students in Canada and Korea

Partner University: Seoul Institute of the Arts

Faculty leads: 
2020: Ramona Pringle and Cecily Kwon, Andrea Paciatto
2021: Dr. Emilia King and Cecily Kwon, Andrea Paciatto
2022: Winston Sih and Cecily Kwon, Andrea Paciatto

across in yellow text with a slogan in white text saying an interactive animated webtoon with a yellow pixelated purple background of the city of seoul

Across (external link) 

Grace Baptista, Anita Chen, Eden Cupid, Kevin Kim, Hyewon Kim and  Whitney Chu
Across, tells the story of four adventurers in a post-apocalyptic world, where most of the human population has been wiped out due to a deadly virus. The players will explore the realm of Across and learn about real-world cultures and its importance for communities. Based on the player's actions throughout the game as well as their performance during the final battle, they will receive one of the four endings.
a tour guide in your pocket. explore the world with Apro. with a button that says Get Started

APRO (external link) 

Yunmin Choi, Keiran Gorsky, Daniel Johnson, Sophie Nguyen, James Strother, Steven Van and Misun Youm
APRO, is the beginning of a strategic twin-city partnership between the cities of Toronto and Seoul, starting in the tourism sector. Being two modern cities with a variety of modern attractions, we want to provide a new and innovative way for both cities to show themselves off.
collage of photos displaying both the city of toronto and seoul with an individual on there electronic device looking at something with a sweater that says harvard on it

Connect (external link) 

Geunhye Kim, Ellen Ma, Dia Mahmoud, Bailey McGregor, Sydney Waters and Chaeyoung Yoon
Connect, is a short film that connects the viewer with the story about loneliness. We cover different long distance relationships including romantic, platonic and family. We show how staying connected with people helps with feeling less lonely in isolation and the pandemic even if the communication is only virtual. It addresses various issues that come with virtual communication such as time changes, language barriers and recreating the same feeling of connection we once had in person.
welcome to global coffee house in white text underneath with a button that says explore now

Global Coffee House (external link) 

Shira Alter, Lauren Awalt, Bianca Canakis, Byoung Eun, Eunbi Lim, Melchizedeck Makokha and Jeong Min
Global Coffee House, is an immersive virtual performance experience for students within Global Campus Studio. Sit down and be transported across the world through music, art, and theatre - all without leaving your couch. Join in from the comfort of your own home and enjoy this momentous and celebratory time where we come together from opposite sides of the globe to bring you Global Coffee House.
universal dance in black text with a colourful background in blue green yellow and pink

Global Dance Production (external link) 

Ainsley Chiang, Lindsay Costa, Seohee Im, Dong hyeok Kim, Euiri Kim, and Ava Young
Global Dance Production, is a crowdsourcing platform. The service allows users to publish their own dance project outlines and then for dancers to upload submissions for those projects. Rather than having a catalogue of dance videos to choose from (like TikTok), the website asks users for their specific needs for any dance-related project; This includes choreography style, cinematography, wardrobe, and more.
welcome to underground LIVE! the best for all things music in white text with a colourful image behind a black background

Underground LIVE (external link) 

Avi Franklin-Casseres, Jooyong Ham, Sidney Haqq, Seyoung Hong, Yujin Kim, Samantha Ngai and Zoe Zhou
Underground LIVE, is a platform curated for the musically inclined. Created by students for students with the desire to connect artists around the world. Our goal is to create a space for collaboration within the music world, starting with Korea and Canada. Our platform allows users to create music together, expand their knowledge and explore endless music possibilities. Users can meet and work together to create music all in one convenient place. Underground LIVE is a community of artists that want to get more out of their skills and talent.
celebrating china across borders in black text and a red background with yellow stars

China Across Borders (external link) 

Patricia Angela Catolos, Minwhan Kim, Justin Lee, Xin Zhao and Yintong Zhou
Our creative project connects us to celebrate Chinese culture across borders. As creative individuals, we wanted to create a special project that bridges the beauty of art, music, dance, food and photography in celebration of Chinese culture.
doors of our lives in red orange green pink yellow blue with different cities and countries listed Seoul Toronto Kingston Gwacheon Itaewon

Doors of our Lives (external link) 

Taylor Ball, Sofia Bant, In UK Hwang, Changhyeon Ko,, Yueun Lim and Soyoung Yun
Doors of our Lives is a website that will act as a collective travel resource. Users are able to search for their desired travel destinations and get an idea of what the location is like with a walk-through style video. Each video is created by locals or frequent tourists, giving users an insider perspective on all the interesting historical sites, cool art pieces, and delicious restaurants!


Laura Gao, Tamia James, Youmin Kim, Huzaifa Memon, and Junyeol Park
A pop-up shop experience that will bring people together with the use of their different cultures, time zones and food. Hamggae is an immersive cafe experience where individuals from across the world (Korea/Canada) can sit down and share thoughts over a cup of coffee or meal and talk about the simple things in life.
hidden gem project global treasure hunt

Hidden Gem Project (external link) 

Dana Kleiman, Yujeoung Lee and Elise Roopchan
Hidden Gem Project is a cross country digital/ in person hybrid art gallery scavenger hunt with a mini documentary explaining shared art in Korea and Canada in a unique interactive experience. 
immersion in white text and black background

Immersion (external link) 

Shae Hayestyrell, Jaewook Kim, Juwon Park, Dylan Bustos Pedraza and Sunwoong Shin
Immersion, an immersive hybrid music festival where with the use of cutting-edge technology, audiences would be able to dive into different musicians creations like never before.
my universe city in white text and alien logo while two phone screens projecting the digital app

My Universe City (external link) 

Simon Gonzales, Maryfrances Howard, Heejin Kim, Jiwon Ko and Alle Ann Sobrejuanite
My Universe City is the mobile app created for incoming international university students. Verified students can now guide incoming freshman or exchange students who are travelling to a new country. It combines both social and map navigation services for a more user friendly interface. Allowing for a full and exclusive virtual experience for users in their new country as well as a gaining a new friend!
virtu art international collaborative digital art contest

VirtuArt (external link) 

Mateo Cejoco, Courteney Dorrington, Jiyeon Ha, Eun-Hyuk Lee and Ali Munshi
VirtuArt is a collaborative digital art contest with the goal of bringing people together around the world with a shared love for art and technology. Artists will race against the clock in international teams to create a one digital art canvas that answers the creative prompt.
Breathe Underwater: Ryerson University x Seoul Institute of the Art, Creativity has no limits and technology allows us to overcome physical barriers. We are still together. Watch our music video now and don't forget to like, comment, and share. Play

Breathe Underwater (external link) 

Hayoung (Emily) Choi, Arum Jang,  Stefania Luis, and Elise Armstrong-Peart

The goal of our music video is to show that we are still together even when we feel isolated in this pandemic situation. Even if we are connecting virtually, we can still co-exist in the same physical space. We want to demonstrate that creativity has no limits and technology allows us to overcome physical barriers. The lyrics of the song include English and Korean, which truly targets both demographics. Everyone in the group also sings in both languages to show that there is no barrier in music and that art can unite everyone as one.

Embrace personal portable immersive

EMBRACE (external link) 

Caitlin Boyle, Maira Ito, Nayoung Kim, Eunyoung Kim, and Kasie Lung

EMBRACE is an interactive magazine experience with comprehensive content designed to meet your entertainment needs. Do more with your scroll time, expand your horizons and amplify your reality. EMBRACE creates an enthralling audio-visual and augmented reality (AR) magazine experience. Readers are exposed to a global platform featuring disabled artists, creators, designers, and allies. Expanding realities by exposing readers to the largely overlooked and diverse disabled community.

life in isolation

Life in Isolation (external link) 

Sarah Ibrahim, Yoon Koh, Janice Lau, Woojun Lee, and Patrick Lynn

Life in Isolation is an interactive 360-degree exhibit showcasing the international artistic collaboration between undergraduate students at the Seoul Institute for the Arts and Toronto Metropolitan University. With this project, we hope to remind audiences that despite our isolation, we're all in this crisis together and can only recover if we come together.

the mitten in orange text

The Mitten (external link) 

DongYoung Jang, Niko Müller, Jeehyuk Park, Safia Sheikh, and Jennifer Yun

The Mitten is a streamlined web application specialized for creatives and designers seeking an efficient way to collaborate remotely with others. It is host to a few key features to facilitate this co-creation, including: a collaborative sketchbook allowing teams freedom to sketch together in-app as well as import and integrate different illustrative file types, brainstorming templates to aid various methods of free thinking (e.g. storyboards, moodboards, mind maps, etc.), hosting meetings in-app, multilingual aids, and integrated semiotics to further support international collaboration. The Mitten was born of our own struggles when collaborating in international creative design teams. As such, it aims to provide comfortable solutions that prioritize the needs of creatives.

murk with an eye and colourful elongated eyelashes and dark and mauve background

MURK (external link) 

Eunjee Ko, Juyoung Park, Miyoung Park, Sarah Sparks, and Christiana Webster

This project is a short pilot for a web series called Murk, centred around two step sisters who have been torn apart by the divorce of their parents. The pilot focuses on a fight between them that results in a scary physical transformation for both of them, despite their nearly 7,000 mile separation. Each subsequent episode will incorporate user generated feedback into the plot progression.

Oh my… Miss Understand! (external link) 

Soochan Kim, Eunjee Ko, Chen Li, and Miyoung Park

It is a pleasant film with a simple message of "Let me love myself".

remote learning

Remote Learning (external link) 

Dasun Ko, Chen Li, Tamara Nurse, Jeanette Reyes, and Zinuk Song

A short documentary that follows a group of interdisciplinary students on opposite ends of the world, virtually collaborating to produce a creative project. The piece outlines the difficulties as well as the advantages of working remotely and cross-culturally during the global pandemic, while ultimately showcasing how we can re-imagine the creative process post COVID-19.

a tile Zoom screen with computerized people wearing masks

The Zoom Masquerade (external link) 

Gabrielle Hubert, Kelly Lucas, Brianna Purai, Chaewon Ga

Rowoon and Julie: The Zoom Masquerade, is a modernised version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, telling the story of two lovers trying to find each other during a masquerade on Zoom during the COVID-19 lockdown. This interactive experience will allow audience members to dance, dress up, meet each other, and improv with the different characters.

Year: 2021, 2022

2021: The Future of Creative Audience Engagement
2022: Reconstituting Connection

Types of projects: AR/VR demos to mobile app development to interactive art gallery prototypes, co-created by students in Canada and India

Partner University: Parul University

Faculty leads:
2021: Allan Novak and Palak Patel
2022: Kim Wilson and Palak Patel

a black and white eye with water dripping and a blush pink and yellow background

Awaken (external link) 

Romy Arsenault, Julianna Balsamo, Tirthesh Kamlesh Gajjar, Maravilha Jose, Vernon Kan and Himani Solanki

Awaken, a global exhibit that includes global media displays, digital walls, in-person and online experiences, and continent-specific rooms, which all function to prompt reflection, connection, and a sense of 'awakening' amongst our audience.

black and white logo with a V in white of the black circular background. comfort zone meet people with similar interests customize based on your comfort level in red text

Comfort Zone (external link) 

Olivea Folkes, Nika Jalali, Matt Johnson, Bhargav Sitapara and HaoCheng Weng

Comfort Zone, an app matches you with local and international clubs and groups of different sizes based on your interests and helps you find and attend activities and events together to build new and deep global connections based on your comfort zone and preferences.

greenstitch in green text with a beige background

Green Stitch (external link) 

Melanie Chao, Eka Jeladze, Prashant Kumar, Phong Pham and Tracy Wang

Green Stitch, a platform that promotes positive and conscious shopping experiences. This app/website acts as a Etsy-style marketplace where individual slow-fashion designers can sell their work. All sellers will be screened through a sustainability and ethics criteria and showcase a transparent production process.

Storyful (external link) 

Noella Kalenga, Krima Patel, Erin Pool, Asmita Puri, Kashish Sundrani and Erica Wu

Storyful, a mental health application for you to share your stories, experiences, get to know others and build a supportive community. A safe space for everyone where language or medium isn't a barrier anymore.

uni-friends in white text with a light green background on top left a world logo with a black stencil plane wrapped around the world and in small light blue text uni friends


Jessie Dolman, Shayla Esakov, Sneha Jetty, Harsh Mahesani and Alek Zivkovic 

UNI-FRIENDS, a user-experienced based app, expanding the opportunity for students entering university to meet like-minded individuals from across the globe on a single platform. This app will enable students to access different forms of resources and connect students in a particular fields who share a common interests.

Website Password: FCD816

orange bunny on a spinning wheel

Artopeia (external link) 

Christa Chen, Kushagra Jha, Julie Ng, Maharshi Pandya, and Shreeya Singh

Artopeia is an app designed to use art to help people around the world. It is a marketplace where art lovers come together to share and give back through artworks. We want to encourage artists to put their artwork out there. Since COVID has affected the world greatly, we want to be able to give back. We hope to use the artists’ artworks to raise money for education in the arts.

girl in white oversized sweater and blonde hair holding an oversized green leaf

Ecolle (external link) 

Lara Artinian, Megan O’Connell, Archi Jain, Snehal Jain, Jui Lakhani, and Lindsay Patterson

Ecolle is an online platform aimed to help brands to establish sustainable long-term solutions to implement into their business model. Ecolle’s attempt to combat unethical and environmentally damaging practices in the fashion industry starts with creating an urgency for sustainability and transparency in the industry.

IC Art Inc. fine gallery experience virtual art gallery opening soon april 2021

IC Art Inc. (external link) 

Simay Alkan, Shirley Gao, Shefali Gaddu, and Linda Zhao

IC Art Inc. aims to remove the barriers created by the pandemic and brings art with a personal touch that is tailored specifically to you. With our contactless virtual art gallery, anyone can view artistic work from professional talented artists. We also provide higher demand buyers with an auction to purchase their favourite artworks, particularly using cryptocurrency transactions in the deal.

jamboree try out the experience now

Jamboree (external link) 

Karan Bhanushali, Raag Bharti, Avani Bhokardankar, Yunny Hou, Heidi Jiang, and Minhaj Monnan

Explore the world around you through this augmented reality experience. Jamboree is an app that allows you to travel the 3D environment of this digital world, and find events to join from parties to concerts to live stream performances. Thus, making new friends, stay connected to your society, and experiencing the dynamic cultures from all places across different countries. Explore your world of events.

synergy the music video creation platform watch demo video, a videographer looking behind the screen while a performer is in action

Synergy (external link) 

Kalyani Hrishikesh Barge, Marie-Blanche Bertrand, Akancsha Alokesh Goswami, Saba Jawaid, Shubham Chandrakant Pawar, and Fernanda Sandoval Pezoa

Synergy is a music video creation platform that connects local independent artists, musicians and video production professionals, from cities all over the world to create music videos that highlight international talent. It aims to break down barriers to entry for up-and-coming artists to collaborate on innovative projects, and to showcase their talents to the world.

Years: 2019, 2020, 2021

From students speaking about their individual pandemic experiences to systemic racism around the world to food experiences.  

International Partners: Australia, Brazil, Israel, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, South Africa, Taiwan, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia

Food for Thought (external link) 

A collaboration between RTA Media Production and Journalism students at universities in 10 countries. Projects focus on the theme food- Food for Thought is a series of 7 current affairs shows.

Let’s Talk Racism (external link) 

A collaboration between RTA Media Production and Journalism university students from around the world. Projects focus on past and present issues related to systemic racism around the world.

The New Normal (external link) 

A collaboration between RTA Media Production and eight universities co-creating six productions called The New Normal - a six-part series in which students speak to their individual pandemic experiences and discuss related topics. The large scale international production included media production and journalism students from Australia, Brazil, Israel, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, South Africa, Taiwan, and United States.