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Graduate Electives

Graduate elective courses open to all students at The Creative School for the current term can be found below.

  • This list is updated at the start of each term.
  • Courses are offered subject to faculty availability and are subject to change without notice.
  • Preference will be given to students enrolled in the program offering the course.

How to request enrollment

  1. Review available courses below and identify the course you are interested in.
  2. Reach out to your Supervisor/Advisor and Program Director to get permission to take the course for credit in your program.
  3. Complete the  (PDF file) Course Substitution form (opens in new window) , it must be signed by your Supervisor/Advisor* and Program Director.
  4. Complete the  (google form) Enrollment Request Form (external link)  and submit the signed Course Substitution form**.

*If you don't have a Supervisor/Advisor, your Program Director can sign on behalf of both. 

** Submit one form per course request.


Deadline to submit request: Spring/Summer 2024 - May 1, 2024

The Admin team will review your enrollment request, and confirm via email.


Communication & Culture courses require an additional step to enroll (not available in Spring/Summer)

(CC8960, CC8921, CC8828, CC8836, CC8838)

  1. Complete the Course Substitution form (same as above).
  2. Submit the Enrollment request form (same as above).
  3. Submit the  (google form) ComCult Request form (external link, opens in new window)   to request enrollment.

Course Descriptions

Unless shown below, course descriptions can be found in the YSGPS calendar.

For your convenience, the links to each graduate program calendar at The Creative School are listed below. 


Special Topic courses - Course Descriptions

DG8010  Selected Topics in Digital Media: UX/UI of Immersive Realities

Course Description:  TBA

DG8010  Selected Topics in Digital Media: Intro to UX/UI Design

Course Description:  TBA

Links to Graduate Programs Calendar

Program Contact Information

Communication & Culture (MA, PhD)

Digital Media MDM

Documentary Media MFA

Film + Photography Preservation
and Collections Management

Post-Professional Master of Interior Design

Journalism MJ

Media & Design Innovation Phd

Media Production MA

Professional Communication MPC

Scriptwriting & Story Design MFA

Administration Team

Tonisha Boyd, Graduate Program Administrator

Tonisha Boyd

Graduate Program Administrator

Mauro Chiera

Mauro Chiera

Graduate Program Administrator

Emily Hall

Emily Hall

Graduate Program Administrator

Elaine Nie

Elaine Nie

Graduate Program Administrator

Daniel Garcia, Manager Graduate Programs Administration

Daniel Garcia

Manager, Graduate Programs Administration