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Vital signs: Advancing health and well-being

Message from the Vice-President, Research & Innovation

Health research has never been as important as during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global crisis has been a stark reminder of why innovative and collaborative approaches are vital to the development of evidence-based solutions that address health and well-being. With a focus on communities both near and far, these principles are at the core of research taking place across the schools, departments and faculties at Ryerson University.

This publication is made possible, in part, with the support of the Research Support Fund.

Under the Microscope

Understanding immunity at a cellular level

New research by professor Roberto Botelho into lysosomes, one of the specialized subunits inside cells called organelles, may help to further understanding of immune systems.

Idea to Innovation

All-new material for next-generation joints

Working from her Laboratory of Biomaterials and Biomechanics, professor Habiba Bougherara has developed substances that enhance joint implants by mimicking bone and working with the body more harmoniously.


How mindfulness can aid mental health in the workplace

When Ryerson professor Ellen Choi first started researching mindfulness during her PhD, she was told her work was “unconventional.” Now, almost a decade later, the investigation of meditation and related activities is a thriving field of study.

Good news: Shifting media portrayals of mental illness

Through his research, teaching and contributions to news reporting guidelines, professor Gavin Adamson has sought to uncover and highlight the ways in which media outlets can impact viewers, both positively and negatively.

360 Degrees

Cultural care: Midwifery and Indigenous women

Access to culturally appropriate health-care services such as childbirth can be a challenge for Indigenous peoples. Ryerson midwifery professor Cheryllee Bourgeois is researching how to create more accessible and culturally welcoming services, particularly in sexual and reproductive health care.

Impacts of federal dental policies on Indigenous peoples

By combining the testimony of Indigenous peoples and archival research, Ryerson history professor Ian Mosby is bringing to light how federal dental care policies have had a negative and lasting impact on Indigenous peoples across Canada.

Policy and Perspective

Turning up the volume on the health impacts of noise

Research by Ryerson health geographer Tor Oiamo has found that ongoing noise exposure, particularly to chronic traffic noise, can be more than an irritation.

In the Community

A community collaboration with children’s well-being at its heart

Childhood experiences can have a big impact on a person’s long-term prosperity and well-being. According to professor Julian Hasford from the School of Child and Youth Care, community programs can be crucial to helping children get off to a good start in life.

Meet the Expert

Preventing genetic discrimination with Canadian law

Ryerson law professor Katie Hammond says there are concerns about the potential for genetic information to be used to discriminate against people in areas such as employment and health insurance.

Student Feature

How blockchain can help us build better health data defences

Computer science professor Ali Miri is working with PhD student Shadan Ghaffaripour on ways to improve digital privacy for patient data using blockchain.


Killer style: Why fashion can be fatal

Research from Ryerson fashion professor Alison Matthews David has revealed a long, gruesome history that shows how clothing can cause us pain, injury and even death.