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Psychology Training Clinic

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A partnership between Ryerson University and St. Michael's Hospital

Ryerson University’s Psychology Training Clinic is the product of a unique partnership between St. Michael’s Hospital's Department of Family and Community Medicine and Ryerson University, and it is located at 80 Bond St. (just steps from Ryerson’s Psychology Training and Research Centre at 105 Bond St.). The Psychology Training Clinic is unique amongst CPA-Accredited Clinical Psychology Programs in that it is integrated into an interprofessional training and service environment. The facilities are designed according to the latest medical infrastructure standards, with unique modifications and accommodations to meet the needs of patients receiving psychological assessments and interventions. 

The Psychology Training Clinic is committed to evidence-based practice, interprofessional team-based service delivery and training, and the use of technology to best serve patients and promote learning. In 2012, the 80 Bond Street site (including the Psychology Training Clinic) was acknowledged as one of only four model sites in Canada recognized by the Health Care Innovation Working Group under the Council of Federations as an exemplar of accessibility, interdisciplinary collaboration and patient-centred care operating within a family health team. This acknowledgement showcases the scope of services offered within the family health team (psychology, medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics, nursing, nutrition, pharmacy, chiropractic, and social work), and emphasizes the success of our team-based approach that uses pioneering partnerships to increase access to psychological care. The interprofessional setting allows opportunities for our students to attend and present in a multitude of interprofessional rounds, and also develop their professional identity as a psychologist in a setting with various types of professionals.  Our students have a reputation of being well trained as scientist practitioners and have consistently been very successful in obtaining competitive practicum and internship placements following their training at the Psychology Training Clinic.  

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