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Psychological Science

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The MA and PhD in Psychological Science at Toronto Metropolitan University offer graduate students the opportunity to train in an environment that fosters excellence in basic, applied, and translational research.

The MA and PhD curricula include required courses in research methods, statistics, and professional issues, and a variety of elective courses covering foundational and specialty areas in psychology. Innovative practicum placements afford students the opportunity to work in other academic or applied settings where they can experience new areas of research, develop new research skills and methodologies, or use their research skills in an applied setting (e.g., health care, industry, or education).

Students and faculty in Psychological Science contribute to a thriving research culture that emphasizes collegiality and collaboration. Students often conduct research with more than one faculty member, and student-student collaborations are common. Additionally, students in Psychological Science have access to state of the art high-tech equipment housed in the Institute for Stress and Wellbeing Research (within the Department of Psychology), including electrophysiological (EEG/ERP), neuroimaging (fNIRS), psychophysiology (EMG, GSR), eye-tracking, hormonal assay, and virtual reality.

Psychological Science Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight


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"As an aspiring researcher in Psychology, I was drawn to the Psychological Science program at Ryerson [Toronto Metropolitan] University because of the breadth of opportunity given to students."

Alexandra Marquis, MA student