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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Master of Arts (MA)

  • Students may be admitted to the MA program if they have graduated with a four-year approved undergraduate honours degree  in Psychology or related field (e.g., Applied Cognitive Science or Behaviour, Cognition & Neuroscience). In some cases, applicants with degrees in other disciplines will be considered if they have completed a broad range of Psychology courses.
  • Applicants who already have an MA in Psychology are not eligible to receive University funding for a second MA degree in Psychology. Therefore, applicants with a previous MA in Psychology will not be admitted to the MA program. These applicants are encouraged to seek admission to the PhD program, but they should note that few if any positions become available for direct entry into the PhD each year.
  • Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree program with a minimum A- grade point average in the last 2 years of study. Although this is a requirement to have applications reviewed by the Department of Psychology, an A- average does not guarantee admission. In addition, note that final admission decisions may take into account the entire academic record (not just the last 2 years of study).
  • Although there are no specific course requirements at the undergraduate level, we recommend that applicants have completed at least one undergraduate statistics course (preferably in psychology), an honours thesis (or equivalent an research experience), and psychology courses from a wide range of core areas (e.g., abnormal psychology, biological psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, history of psychology, personality, perception, social psychology, etc.).
  • Please see please see our How to Apply webpages for more information on the documents required for the application.
  • An interview will be required for short listed applicants.  Interviews can occur in person, or over the telephone or online (e.g., Zoom) for applicants who are unable to visit campus. Applicants will be contacted if they are among those invited for an interview.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Note that our PhD spots are generally reserved for our own MA students, so we anticipate having very few or no positions available for direct entry into the PhD program.
  • Applicants for direct admission to the PhD program must have completed a Master's program in Psychology at a recognized university.
  • For admission to the PhD program, a Master's degree with at least A- standing and demonstrated research capabilities, are required. It should be stressed that admission to the PhD program will not be permitted until after the successful completion of a Master's degree.
  • Please see please see our How to Apply webpages for more information on the documents required for the application.
  • Students admitted for direct entry to the PhD program from programs other than Toronto Metropolitan University's MA program in Psychology may be required to complete certain additional courses at the MA level in order to meet requirements for registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. This is only relevant for applicants to the clinical psychology field.

Note for International Applicants

Please note that we are rarely able to accept international students as we have very high demand from domestic students. 

Three year degrees typically do not meet our eligibility requirements. If you are applying from a country that only offers three year degrees (e.g., India), you may need to obtain a Master's degree to meet the 4 year degree requirement. 

Please see this link for more information on international equivalencies.

If you have questions, please contact us before submitting an application.