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Dr. Andrew (Hyounsoo) Kim, C.Psych.

Assistant Professor
EducationPhD, University of Calgary
Areas of ExpertiseBehavioural addictions; substance use disorders; concurrent disorders

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I am an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University. I completed my PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Calgary and a CPA accredited psychology residency at The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre in the Substance Use and Concurrent Disorders Program. I am also the Chair of CPA’s Addiction Psychology (, external link).

My clinical interests are in providing evidence-based care for people with co-occurring addictions and mental health difficulties. Relatedly, my research interest lies in developing an integrated treatment for substance and behavioural addictions and their mental health comorbidities. I have received awards and fellowships from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Banting Post-Doctoral Fellowship; declined, Canada Graduate Scholarship), Killam Trusts, American Psychological Association’s Society of Addiction Psychology and the Canadian Psychological Association.

I direct the Addictions and Mental Health (ADMH) Laboratory. The focus of the ADMH Lab is to identify shared (and unique) psychological risk factors associated with substance (e.g., alcohol, cannabis) and behavioural (gambling, gaming, shopping) addictions and their mental health comorbidities (e.g., depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders). The risk factors we have examined to date include emotion dysregulation, impulsivity, coping skills, childhood trauma, and others. The overall aim of our research is to develop an integrated treatment that simultaneously improves substance use and behavioural addictions and their mental health comorbidities. This research is conducted using surveys and in-depth interviews with people in the community and those seeking treatment for addictions and mental health difficulties. Our work is done in collaboration with researchers both nationally (e.g., Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre) and internationally (e.g., Australia, Brazil). 

The ADMH Lab is looking for keen and passionate individuals who are interested in contributing to the research and understanding of addictions and their mental health comorbidities. We especially encourage individuals who are from under-represented groups to apply. If you are interested in joining our team and potential opportunities, please send me an email at

Representative Publications:

Kim, H. S., 
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