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Flex Full-Time MBA - For working professionals

Andrea Barlett
"The flex-time MBA program gave me the opportunity to continue working in my role as the Director of People Operations at the Canadian HR technology start-up, Humi. The program's unique Entrepreneurial capstone was invaluable in providing me with first-hand experience of the challenges of building a business. I take these learnings with me in my work supporting start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across Canada."

Andrea Bartlett, Director of People Operations at Humi

The Flex Full-Time MBA program option is ideal for working professionals with a flexible schedule and the desire to finish the program faster.

Students with a business undergraduate degree can complete the program in as little as 16 months starting in the Fall.

Students with a non-business undergraduate degree can complete the Flex Full-Time program in 20 months by completing Foundation Business courses starting in the Spring, and continuing with the core program in the Fall. Applicants interested in the Flex Full-Time MBA study option would apply to the Full-Time MBA program.

Intake Who should apply?
Spring (May) Start Domestic applicants with a non-business undergraduate degree.
Fall (September) Start Domestic applicants with an undergraduate degree in business.

Please note: this option is only available to Domestic applicants. Foundation course requirements are assessed at the point of application. Applicants who have not completed undergraduate studies in any of the Foundation course subjects must apply to the Spring semester.

Typical plan of study

A flex full-time MBA student is enrolled in a minimum of 3 course credits per semester.

7 core courses + 6 elective  credits + Capstone Project

Spring Semester Start

4 Months
Spring Semester  
Foundation Courses (for non-business undergraduate students)

Fall Semester Start

12 Months 4 Months
Fall Semester    Winter Semester Spring/
Summer Semester
Fall Semester
3 Core Course Credits 3 Core Course Credits Capstone Project
(1 of 3 Options)
1 Core Course Credit
Six (6) half credit electives taken over the duration of the program.

Course delivery format

Our core courses are offered once a year in a designated delivery format that is tailored to the content of the course. As versatile learners, students in the Ted Rogers MBA program attend synchronous classes online, and in traditional classrooms.

It is a requirement for students to attend classes in the format that they are offered in. As a boutique MBA program, courses are offered once a year in a designated format.

Core courses Half credit electives Modular format - core courses
3 hours of learning per week 3 hours of learning per week 12 hours over 2 full days Friday/Saturday
Scheduled to run for 12 weeks
Scheduled to run for 6 weeks Scheduled to run for 3 weeks over a semester
Traditional Classroom, Virtual, Hybrid Traditional Classroom, Virtual, Hybrid 2021-2022 offered virtually (one in fall and one in winter)
Foundation courses
3 hours of learning per week
Accounting and Finance are offered two (2) times per week over six (6) weeks
Principles of Management, Economics, Quantitative Methods for Business are offered once (1) per week, for 12 weeks
Online (Spring/Summer Semester)