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Tuition Fees

Please visit the Graduate Fees page for full details by program & academic level.



Domestic Tuition Fees

International Tuition Fees

MBA (full-time and part-time fees)

13 Credits
(11 Courses)
$23,551.19 - $25,311.86*


Foundation Courses (full-time and part-time fees)

Up to 5 credits
(5 courses) 

$1,963.89 - $2,123.95/ per course

$4,645.46* / per course

*Plus ancillary fees for the program. These ancillary fees include Career Services, Students' Union, University Services, etc. You can find a breakdown of fees by going to the Graduate Fees page and viewing the program table by study status and program level.

Graduate tuition fees are paid on a semester basis and are based on the number of course credits taken per semester. MBA students pay for 11 course credits for the full core program which includes the 7 core course credits, 6 half course credit electives and capstone project. Any required Foundation courses are an additional fee per course.

Please note: In the Graduate Tuition and Fees tables, 1 course credit is equivalent to 1 unit. Graduate fees are set annually in the Summer and are subject to change.