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Student groups

The Ted Rogers MBA offers students the opportunity to get involved outside the classroom by joining different student groups and associations.

Black Business Graduate Student Association

We are graduate business students. We are a business community. We are the Black Business Graduate Student Association (BBGSA) at Ted Rogers School of Management.

We work to provide mentorship and social networking for students. We help businesses find qualified diverse talent. We offer panels, workshops and volunteer opportunities to learn about ourselves and our world.

BBGSA recognizes that talent comes in all colours. And we make the connections that help talented people reach their potential.

MBA Student Association (MBASA)

The MBA Student Association aims to enhance the non-academic side of the MBA program through diverse social, professional and skill-building programs.

This includes:

  • networking events,
  • social gatherings and 
  • leadership and professional development opportunities.

Media Business Graduate Student Association (MBGSA)

The Media Business Graduate Student Association (MBGSA) is a student-driven association focused on advancing and advocating for the diverse interests of the media industry among students. They are dedicated to engaging members in enriching media events and networking opportunities. They also actively promote the specific interests of students enrolled in the MA-MBA pathway at Toronto Metropolitan University. 

Net Impact

The MBA-led chapter of Net Impact is a nonprofit that empowers a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in the workplace and the world. The local chapter is comprised of MBA students, alumni and faculty focused on promoting social and environmental change through community partnership in Canada.

Social Impact  |  Environmental Change  |  Community Partnership  |  International Development

Ted Rogers MBA Sport Leadership Association

The MBA Sport Leadership Association (MBA SLA) exists for MBA students who are seeking employment opportunities in the sport industry. MBA SLA offers workshops, cases, content, socials, and networking in collaboration, with the industry’s enterprising thought-leaders, to present experiential education on how to be successful sport business leaders.

Women In Leadership Association (WiLA)

The Women in Leadership Association (WiLA) is comprised of MBA students from different disciplines with one common objective: to support Toronto Met MBA women with their vision for greatness.This student group aims to instill confidence in women to be able to break through barriers and to educate our community to blur gender lines and look at the capabilities and experiences of the individual.