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Program Requirements

How to join the program

The Top 200 Program accepts applications from TRSM students in their second year of study, or third if they are completing a fifth year. Applications will open shortly. Students will be evaluated based on academics and leadership performance from extracurricular activities internally and externally from Toronto Metropolitan University.

To successfully apply, students must submit the following items before the deadline:

  • The most recent copy of their unofficial transcript (Including grades from Winter 2023 semester)
  • A detailed resume (Including work experience, student groups, co-op, international exchange, sport teams, volunteer experience, etc.)
  • A short 500 word essay
TRLC Top 200 Program graduate Quynh Chau with André Serero, Al Goss and Dean Daphne Taras
two students sharing at a table  of the Top 200 Program Summit event

How to successfully participate in the program

Students are not limited by how many events they can attend but in order to successfully complete the program, successful candidates must, at the minimum, attend the following:

  • The Leadership Summit (occurs in first year of the program)
  • The Leadership Forum (occurs in second year of the program)
  • One (1) Learning from Leaders per academic year
  • One (1) Business Ethics Series event
  • One-on-One mentorship meetings with their assigned industry professional mentor
  • Case Experiences Course
  • Three (3) Business Career Hub Bootcamps

Remember, you get out as much as you put in. Students who do not participate in the minimum required events will be contacted and risk being removed from the program.

Top 200 Program students posing in a group

Special perks

There’s a long list of perks to being a Top 200 student, but here are a few of them!

  • Part of the top 2% of students at the Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Many opportunities to network with industry leaders
  • Access to exclusive events and opportunities
  • Build a network with your peers
  • Access to over 500 Top 200 Alumni
  • Graduate with confidence and highly developed career-readiness skills
  • Substantial extracurricular to add to your resume

Access to exclusive events and opportunities