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Our mission is to develop Canada’s next generation of ethical business leaders.

The Ted Rogers Leadership Centre (TRLC) offers a setting for scholars, students and business leaders to research, identify, publish and otherwise communicate best approaches to ethical business decision-making and leadership.

The student-oriented mission of The Ted Rogers Leadership Centre is to help a substantial number of students develop the core competencies that ethical leaders need to excel in the businesses of today and tomorrow. The goal is to provide students with opportunities that allow them to intentionally decide to become leaders and to understand how they need to change and grow to become successful, ethical leaders.

The Rogers Family Foundation

Ryerson University is exceedingly grateful to the Rogers Family Foundation for its $2 million gift to support the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre (TRLC).

The Rogers family’s generous gift has enabled the TRLC to:

  • Expand its programs, combining academic and practical approaches to leadership, allowing more students to develop the core competencies leaders need to excel
  • Build its Ethical Leadership Case Program to serve as a global resource for professors and students
  • Launch the annual undergraduate National Ethical Leadership Case Competition
  • Create new universally accessible e-learning programs including critical thinking and ethical leadership
Alex Barratt and Dr. Chris MacDonald

Alec Barratt (right) with TRLC director Chris MacDonald

Congratulations to Alec Barratt, who was a Junior Fellow of the Leadership Centre in 2017-18. Alec graduated from the Ted Rogers MBA program, and was the Gold Medal winner for the Ted Rogers School of Management.


The Ted Rogers Leadership Centre offers a range of events aimed at undergraduates, MBA students, and the community at large.

Our people

The Ted Rogers Leadership Centre brings together scholars, students, and business leaders from a range of backgrounds to work together to develop insight into ethical leadership theory and practice.


The Ted Rogers Leadership Centre has a variety of resources available for students and professors, including publications and our ethical leadership case study collection.

Ted Rogers Students' Society (TRSS)

André Serero (Founder and Lead of the Top 200 Program) is also the Honorary President to the Ted Rogers Students’ Society, external link, opens in new window. André provides coaching and mentorship to the Ted Rogers Students’ Society's executive team. He also assists the executive team members with their own personalized leadership development. In addition, André acts as a special resource to the 29 student groups that fall within the Ted Rogers Student Society's umbrella.

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