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Ryerson Angel Network

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The Ryerson Angel Network (RAN) is the first and largest university-based Angel Group in Canada and is designed to bring the entrepreneurial ideas of faculty, students and alumni within the Ryerson ecosystem together with Angel Investors. RAN’s mandate is to stimulate and support the Canadian Angel ecosystem as well as increase the level of seed funding received by companies supported by one of Ryerson’s ten on-campus incubators.

What is Entrepreneurship
Best Practices

2018 Report on Angel Investing in Canada

Over the years, RAN has organized Angel investment summits, managed Angel conferences, conducted Angel surveys, wrote and published books and reports, created on-line learning platforms and helped obtain government grants and research programs to understand and support Canadian Angel Investors.

If you are interested in obtaining an investment from an Angel Investor, you would benefit from understanding the Angels’ perspective.

For more information please refer to How to Work with Angels.

Report: A Practical Guide to Angel Investing

Gedeon (2016 & 2017) “A Practical Guide to Angel Investing: How to Achieve Good Investment Returns” (1st and 2nd Editions (external link, opens in new window) ) provides the current state-of-the-art on how to negotiate, value and structure a deal from the Angel’s point of view. The book includes contributions from over thirty of Canada’s leading Angels and Angel experts. 

Report cover - A Practical Guide to Angel Investing

"At a time when Angel investing is becoming the most important early-stage funding, this book is a practical and comprehensive way to decode this unique world of investing. Steve Gedeon has provided the quintessential resource for anyone wanting to crack the Angel code with a clear, step-by-step guide for prospective Angels and entrepreneurs alike.”