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Highlights - 2021-2022

Over the past year, members of the ERI generated 42 scholarly works (including 20 peer reviewed journal articles, 17 conference presentations, 5 book chapters or reports), delivered 22 knowledge mobilization seminars, and secured new funding in excess of $480,000 (and continued participation in a $2.5M Partnership Engage Grant with the Diversity Institute). While ERI members engage in scholarly activity that covers a range of entrepreneurial phenomenon, attention has continued to focus on developing a research program that addresses issues related to early stage entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial support organizations (i.e. business incubators and accelerators) and resource providers (e.g., angel investors and venture capital firms) that facilitate their development, and the entrepreneurial ecosystems (i.e. local, regional and national) in which they are embedded.  This research aims to advance managerial practice and theoretical knowledge about the determinants of individual, organizational, and ecosystem performance