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TMUEI provides educators with best practices in entrepreneurship education based on the peer reviewed academic publications by Toronto Met’s entrepreneurship faculty (Please see our over 30 References).

In our publications, we are addressing a controversial topic with little agreement among the academic community. Despite the growth in entrepreneurship programs, there remain cries for big changes to the way entrepreneurship education is designed, implemented and assessed. As George Soloman (e.g. 2007) concluded after conducting an influential series of seven surveys over more than 30 years: “There is little consensus on just what exactly entrepreneurship students should be taught.” In fact, the question, “Can entrepreneurship be taught?” continues to arise in the literature.

There are three primary Learning Outcome domains of entrepreneurship education – Knowledge (The Head), Competency/Skills (The Hand) and Attitudes (The Heart). While some entrepreneurial knowledge may be acquired through traditional teacher-centric, lecture-based pedagogies, developing Skills and Attitudes requires student-centric, experiential-based pedagogies (Gedeon, 2014).

Learning how to be entrepreneurial is like learning how to play the guitar. You can’t just read books, listen to lectures or watch others play – you have to play the guitar! You need to play till your fingers bleed. You need to grow callouses. You need to have a song in your heart and jam with others. You need to crank it up to 11 and take chances!

But great guitarists also have great teachers and coaches to teach theory, guide their practice and help develop their attitudes and passion for music.

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