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Project Pathway

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Generated over $250K profits

Started 25 businesses

Empowered 65 Aboriginals


Project Pathway’s mission is to empower disadvantaged Aboriginal Canadians by transforming their personal strengths into entrepreneurial ventures. Many Indigenous individuals struggle due to lack of education, basic work skills and stigma surrounding natives. Over 50% live below the poverty line and with a 27% unemployment rate; many of them struggle to maintain a decent standard of living. Through one-on-one mentorship and customized modules, our highly trained student mentors teach business education with topics such as market research, pricing strategies and branding as well as financial literacy with topics such as budgeting, saving and income tax, ultimately allowing them to build successful futures.

Two women in a home livingroom looking at a paper
woman behind a table selling products at a street market

Participants learnings

  • How to bank online
  • How to budget
  • How to save money
  • How to invest in your business
  • How to brand your business
  • How to attain a business license
  • How to get funding for your business
  • And much more!
Group of six people part of the Project Pathway

Team members learning

  • The Aboriginal Canadian culture
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Business knowledge
  • Online commerce
  • Real-life business consulting experience
  • How to measure and track metrics
  • The satisfaction that comes with genuinely helping our fellow human beings