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Slaight New Venture Competition

Presented by Enactus Ryerson

Do you want to spend your summer working on your startup? Are you a TRSM student looking for some seed funding to help your business? If you answered yes to both those questions then apply to the 19th annual Slate New Venture Competition.

The competition awards innovative businesses two prizes of $25,000 startup seed money; one female and one male.

man making notes on a whiteboard about Workflow Strategy
Woman presenting to a team using sticky notes

ENT 401 – Entrepreneurial Career and Life Design (Distance Version)

Fall & Winter Semesters 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, in Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, ENT 401 Design Thinking is being offered in a 12-week on-line delivery format instead of its usual one-week intensive bootcamp format.
The goal of this distance version of the course is to help you apply design thinking and entrepreneurship principles and tools to design your career and life. The assignments include discovering your skills, attitudes, core beliefs, values and interests; spotting opportunities for achieving new values in your life; experimenting and testing alternative job, career and life choices; applying time management principles, SMART goals, positive habits and Self-Talk Statements; and proactively taking action to achieve your own personal happiness.

ENT 401 – APE International Design Thinking Bootcamp (in Munich, Germany)

March 2021

Each year, Ryerson brings 15 students taking ENT 401 and several coaches for the week-long APE International Design Thinking Bootcamp experience at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) in Munich, Germany. This transformative educational experience is the opportunity of a lifetime as described in student testimonials.

"Design thinking is life changing"  •  "This is how learning should be done"  •  "Love it. Crazy cool"  •  "Tough but worth it"  •  “I learned more than any course I have ever taken” 

Read the story about TRSM Students heading to Munich for Design Thinking Bootcamp.

Toronto Metropolitan University team at APE
Group shot of the Ryerson students and staff at APE

ENT 401 – APE International Design Thinking Bootcamp (at Ryerson, Toronto)

August 2021

The Toronto version of this week-long intensive course is scheduled to take place in August 2021 along with students and coaches from all over the world. We anticipate that up to 35 Ryerson students will be able to enroll for this highly-competitive course.

Dr. Bakker, Dr. Danielle, Dr. Gedeon at the panel conversation

eBridge Alliance

Ongoing Support Available

The eBridge Alliance provides you with an opportunity to connect with other students internationally and to turn your projects and innovative ideas into real businesses.

Teams and talents with a connection to Toronto Metropolitan University or one of the eBridge Alliance universities, incubators or entrepreneurship centers can apply to any eBridge SPRINT. Each Sprint is run together with international universities and incubators to develop promising international start-ups and innovative co-creation projects.

Throughout the six months period, with the possibility to extend, teams and talents go through several phases to bring forth their business concepts which will result in new promising startups. Business concepts of international teams are matched with the most suitable incubator of eBridge Alliance partners for further support in the development, the incubation (virtual and physical) and market entry. More information on SPRINT 2020 and conditions to apply can be found in the SCE site (external link, opens in new window) .