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Business Innovation Hub

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The Business Innovation Hub (BIH) was established with the purpose of making a difference for Small and Medium Enterprises that were impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. BIH’s goal is to help these businesses by implementing risk-free innovative solutions and finding new sources of revenue to make up for lost business. We identify business needs and create a proposal recommending creative solutions. We don’t charge for our services: all we ask is for a donation to Toronto Metropolitan University to keep this initiative sustainable (you receive a tax receipt for your donation). Every $1 donated allows REI to pay $3-4 to hire Ryerson’s top business students in the Co-op Program to work in BIH, and help alleviate historically high student unemployment.

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Young female student sitting at a desk working on a laptop with coffee cup (wearing a mask)

Examples of BIH’s Innovative Services:

  • Create social media content marketed towards youth audiences
  • Design websites that will drive user engagement and increase revenues
  • Build an e-Commerce store
  • Find new sources of revenue to make up for lost business
  • Video production and editing
  • Implement an efficient curb-side pick up process
  • Help apply for government grants

Visit the BIH Facebook page (external link)  for more information.