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Contract Lecturers

Arsenio Andrade

Afro-Cuban/ Modern Dance

Amy Bowring

Dance History

Logan Cracknell

Lighting Design

Fanny Ghorayeb

Musical Theatre for Actors/Dancers

Robert Glumbek

Ballet/ Modern Dance

Lourdes Hernandez

Ballet and Pilates

Kate Hilliard

Contemporary Dance and Creative Performance Studies

Instructor Headshots - r-james
Rosemary James

Modern Dance/Graham Technique

Allen Kaeja

Dance Film 


Bonnie Kim

Contemporary Dance

Eva Kuo

Props Mentor

Kaileigh Krysztofiak

Lighting and Design Communication

Ming-Bo Lam

Production Technique

Adam Lazarus

Ensemble Games


Ryan Lee

Contemporary Dance

Ruth Madoc-Jones

Creative Performance Studies

Miha Matevzic

Street Styles/ Vernacular Jazz and Western Dance Styles

Marianne McIsaac

Reading Plays, Showcase Scene Preparation, and Acting For Dancers 

Paul Moody

Singing for Actors and Dancer and Musical Theatre for Acting/Dance Minors

Laura Nordin

Acting on Camera

Siobhan Richardson

Intimacy and Fight Direction

Marianna Rosato

Stage Management for Dance

Janet Sellery

Theatre Health & Safety

Lua Shayenne

African Dance

Ivan Sherry

Motion Capture Performance and Voice Over

Anna Spencer

Production Technique

Alia Stephen

Lighting Design

Tim Welham

Shakespeare and Text Analysis

Cary West

Improvisation for Acting/Dance Minors

Dr. Chris Wilson

Popular Music and Ethnomusicology