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The Academic Success Centre is serving the Ted Rogers School of Management community virtually during the Winter 2022 term.

Grade and Assignment Calculators

GPA Calculator

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • What do I need to achieve on my remaining tests and assignments in order to get a B/ PASS/ get a 2.0 in this class, given my the grades that I've attained so far?
  • Am I CGPA eligible for Co-op?
  • Did I make the Dean’s List?
  • Where do I stand?

The excel fileRyerson GPA/Grade Calculator was created to help you answer these questions. Simply download the file and follow the instructions within.

Once you’ve calculated your grades, you can use this information to set targets for your remaining assignments and reach out to us for academic support.

Knowing this information can help you:

  • Set targets for your remaining assignments
  • Help you realize you need to reach out for academic support
  • Ensure that you are on track with your grades

NOTICE: We recommend that you speak with your Program Office or Student Advising when using this tool to help you decide whether or not to drop a course.

Assignment Calculator

, opens in new window

Break your assignment down into manageable steps, and meet your deadlines, by using an Assignment Calculator, opens in new window!

We encourage you to use it in conjunction with the Term Calendar (under the Time & Task Management page), or any other time management tool that works best for you.