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Time & Task Management

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A day is composed of 24 hours. A week has 168 hours. A term (excluding final exams) has 2184 hours. Seems like a lot, right? But, time management is a misnomer. It insinuates that we have the ability to control time. We don’t! We can only control what we do with it.

So, how do you plan your time, to be as productive as you need to be? Explore resources we, at the ASC, have curated specifically for a busy student such as yourself.

Avoiding Procrastination:
Using a Tomato to Avoid Putting Things Off

How I Use My Calendar Efficiently

A Short Guide to Managing Your Time

Study Skills – Managing your time

Time & Task Management

  • The learning ratio;
  • Planning your semester, week, and day;
  • Time and task management techniques;
  • Time management tools;
  • Where to go for help on campus.

Time Management for Students -, external link is now called LinkedIn Learning. Log in via your account, go to the Apps tab, scroll down to LinkedIn Learning and begin!

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