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Time & Task Management

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A day is composed of 24 hours. A week has 168 hours. A term (excluding final exams) has 2184 hours.

Seems like a lot, right? But, time management is a misnomer. It insinuates that we have the ability to control time. We don’t! We can only control what we do with it.

So, how do you plan your time, to be as productive as you need to be? Explore resources we, at PASS, have curated specifically for a busy student such as yourself.

Tip sheets

Time management templates

Apps & tech

Disclaimer: TMU and TRSM does not officially endorse the external apps and sites listed here, and may not be held responsible for any technological issues that arise from their use. Please use at your own discretion.


A virtual appointment scheduler that syncs with your other calendars.


Track your progress for different projects; share deadlines and notes with your teammates. This app will help you improve collaboration for group projects.


A simple checklist, reminder, to-do list and task manager app.

Take a Break

A meditation app that can help you refocus and reset your brain during breaks.

Things 3

Made for Apple products, this task manager organizez your schedule, and syncs to all your Apple devices (including your Apple watch).


A web extension that helps you focus by blocking distracting sites during study times.


A focus and study timer, and background music all in one. Keep track of your to-do list, and block yourself from accessing distracting apps during focus times.


An online Pomodoro timer to help you break your study time into smaller chunks.


A task manager and to-do list that lets you prioritize tasks and organize your schedule.


A project manager that is great for group projects. It allows all group members to see the to-do list and mark off when tasks are completed.

Other campus resources

Students hanging out on the Student Learning Support floor at the SLC

Student Life and Learning Support

Student Life and Learning Support offers workshops designed to help students become more familiar with skills necessary for academic success. 

Workshops avaialbe include: 

  • Introduction to Managing Time and Tasks
  • Achieving Focus and Concentration


PASS on YouTube

Time & Task Management

  • The learning ratio;
  • Planning your semester, week, and day;
  • Time and task management techniques;
  • Time management tools;
  • Where to go for help on campus.


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