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Below are resources to help with common TRSM courses, including ECN 104, ECN 204, and more. 

Student Life & Learning Support offer a variety of math and computer science supports, including: math ready summer programs, one-to-one tutoring, course-specific group tutoring, and midterm and exam review for students requiring math help.

TMU Economics Help Centre

Library 5th Floor (LIB-549) 

The Economics Help Centre supports TMU students in all programs with their economics skills. 

Over thirty teaching assistants work for a minimum of two hours per week at the Economics Help Centre. During the posted hours for your ECN course, simply show up at the Economics Help Centre and there will be tutors available to help you.

Currently, the Economics Help Centre is offering drop-in tutoring sessions for individuals and small groups.

Video Resources


Economics Overiew - Microeconomics