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Test & Exam Preparation

How do we best prepare for an exam or test? By using metacognition

Metacognition is defined as "thinking about your thinking; learning how to learn." When using metacognition, we become consciously aware of ourselves as a problem solvers. This enables us to actively seek solutions to any problems we may encounter!

The Plan-Monitor-Evaluate model will allow us to improve our metacognitive skills (the skills that help us reflect on our own learning) and gain independence as learners.

In this section, you will find tools that will support you in preparing for, writing and evaluating your performance on exams.

  • Planning: What am I going to learn? How am I going to learn the material? What technical requirements and policies do I need to know?
  • Monitoring: How am I doing at learning this material? What do I still need to learn?
  • Evaluation: How did I meet the learning objectives? What feedback was I provided?
Plan, Monitor and Evaluate - Cycle for Learning

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