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Current Undergraduates

Financial math undergraduate student working on math problem in class with professor.

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics. One of the distinguishing features most appreciated by students is our supportive close-knit mathematics community. Lots of resources are available to help you thrive. Take full advantage of them, and enjoy a full university experience.

Course Listings

Plan your way through the program— electives, options, course descriptions and more.  

Learning Support

Access resources to amplify your study skills and academic success.

Career Development

Start planning your career path. Get science-specific counseling and support.

First Year Support

Transitioning into university life can be challenging. It’ll require a much higher level of independence than you might have been used to in high school. But help is available to help you make a success of it.

The Faculty of Science First Year Science (FYS) provides support that’s tailored to the needs of first year students. Get advice on course selections, transfers, academic standings, study skills and more. Peer mentors can also help you learn the ropes during first year.  

Student Stories

Anny-Aysel Ineza

Student Leader: Anny-Aysel Ineza, BSc ’19 (Financial Mathematics)

At the end of high school, Anny-Aysel Ineza knew that she wanted to study “something related to mathematics.” She chose Financial Mathematics at Toronto Met. “You gain a perspective that a degree just in finance or just In math doesn't provide. The program prepares you to enter so many in-demand fields or to pursue graduate studies.” Over the years, she held executive positions at the Undergraduate Science Society of Toronto Metropolitan and Course Union, co-founded the Women in Mathematics Group, competed at the Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC) —even joined the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team. “It’s not easy to juggle academics and activities. But when you…have a positive impact on others, you see the bigger picture. It’s worth it, and it’s important.” Following a summer internship TD, the bank offered her a role in analytics and data science after graduation.  

Sofya Chernyavskaya

Mature Student: Sofya Chernyavskaya BSc’19 (Math and Its Applications)

After some work experience in the financial industry, Sofya Chernyavskaya enrolled in the Mathematics and its Applications program. “[TMU] is a supportive community where every student is offered the flexibility to shape their own path,” she says. “My first co-op was a 16-month internship at IBM Canada as a financial analyst. Working in a company of such enormous scale really expanded my view on STEM careers.” Sofya was also president of the Women in Mathematics group and contributed to the STEM4Girls initiative. “Seeing the excitement that young students have for mathematics has been one of my most rewarding experiences!”