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Future Undergraduates

Mathematics undergraduate students working on whiteboard equation.

Earn your Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics

Study Mathematics at Toronto Metropolitan

Theory & Skills
Build in-demand problem solving and quantitative skills for a variety of career paths

Urban Campus
Study in downtown Toronto, the heart of Canada’s finance, technology and health sectors

Dedicated Professors
Ask questions. Get help. Easy access to professors in a close-knit department.

The Future is Math

The demand for strong quantitative and problem solving skills is growing. Graduates of mathematics work in finance, computer security, market and statistical analysis, research and other fields. Our two undergraduate programs give students mathematical training to pursue a wide variety of career paths.

Pamela Huntley

“After visiting campus, I knew I wanted to come to [TMU] , and I haven't regretted it at all. The upper-year classes are challenging, but well worth it. You get to know all the profs and staff, and they all want you to succeed.”

Pamela Huntley, Math and Its Applications student