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Graduate Professional Development Program (GTDP) - Level 2

Advanced Teaching Practice in Higher Education

Level 2 of the Graduate Teaching Development Program (GTDP) is open to Toronto Metropolitan Graduate Students who are interested in a teaching career and have fully completed Level 1.

Upon completion of Level 2, participants will be able to:

  • Design and develop a unique course outline based on stated learning outcomes
  • Develop assessments that are aligned with course learning outcomes
  • Design and deliver effective and engaging lessons that are informed by SoTL
  • Identify and apply blended and flexible learning strategies
  • Engage in a learning community made up of peers from across the university

Participants will earn:


certificate of completion from the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching


digital badge from CanCred Factory (external link)  that can be posted on social media


A pass/fail credit on your transcript for the completion of the CILT 105 course

Required Components

Level 2 Components:  Description
CILT 105: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education II A 6-week (18-hour) course offered to active Toronto Metropolitan graduate students through the Chang School of Continuing Education at no cost.
Peer Observation of Teaching Workshop, Instructional Skills Workshop, or a Course Instructor Apprenticeship, (Only one is needed to complete Level 2)

CILT 105 must be completed before selecting one of the following:

  1. Participate in the Peer Observation of Teaching Workshop (10-15 hours). Participants work in small groups to observe and deliver 30-minute lessons. Groups then meet with a facilitator from the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching for a guided reflection and feedback session. 
  2. Take part in the Instructional Skills Workshop (24 hours). The ISW is an intensive, peer-based workshop that runs over three to four days. Participants are eligible to take part in a Graduate Student ISW free of charge.
  3. Register for a Course Instructor Apprenticeship (15-24 hours) where, under the supervision of a faculty mentor, participants gain practical experience in course instruction, exclusive of duties normally carried out by a GA.

This short course is specifically designed for advanced graduate students who would like to develop practical teaching skills for current and future teaching roles. This program touches on a number of topics including designing course syllabi, authentically assessing student learning, incorporating learning activities that support student success, technology-enhanced and blended learning strategies, inclusivity in the classroom, and developing a teaching dossier.  

As part of this course, you will develop a Course Outline that can be incorporated into a Teaching Dossier. This course fulfills one of the Level 2 GTDP requirements.

Participants must complete Level 1 of the Graduate Teaching Development Program (GTDP) before enrolling in this seminar series.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Design and develop a university course based on stated learning outcomes that align well with planned assessments and in-class activities.
  • Integrate technology-enhanced and/or blended learning strategies into your teaching practice.
  • Analyze and engage in discussions about key pedagogical issues in higher education.
  • Document and reflect on your own teaching practice and begin building a teaching dossier.

Typically, this course is run as a three hour face-to-face course.

In order to earn a PASS in CILT 105 you must achieve a passing grade on both assessments in this course (i.e., participation and course outline). Note that the official record of success in the class is PASS/FAIL. The grade weighting below is used internally to help you and the instructors track your progress.

Similar to Level 1, registration for Level 2 is done through the GTDP Portal.

If the course is closed when the student begins Level 2, they will see the message “This course is currently not open for registration".

When the course opens for registration, students who currently have not applied will receive a notification email.

Students may register by selecting the “Register Now” button.

Registering will require that the student select a section and agree to the terms and conditions.

Once the registration is submitted, an administrator will review the application and either reject or accept the student for enrollment.

Should the student be rejected, there will be feedback provided and the student may re-register at will.

Should the students be accepted but no space is available, they will be waitlisted for the course until either a spot opens up in the current semester or in the next semester.

Once the student has been moved from the waitlist into the enrollment queue, they will be required to re-confirm their registration form (in the event that the available sections have changed in the interim). Their status will be set to “Pending Registration” and their information will be sent to the Service Hub for enrollment.

Once enrolled, the student should receive an email from the Service Hub and the administrator will mark their CILT 105 status as “In Progress”.

When the student completes CILT 105, they must alert the administrator by selecting the “Request Status Confirmation” button - this will send an email notifying the administrator that their CILT 105 module can now be marked as complete.

The administrator will review the student's status through MyServiceHub and if eligible, will mark their module as completed.

Once CILT105 has been completed, the Workplace Experience Option module will unlock in the GTDP Portal. The student may select one of three options to complete:

  • Peer Observation of Teaching Workshop
  • Course Instructor Apprenticeship
  • Instructional Skills Workshop

Peer Observation of Teaching Workshop and Instructional Skills Workshop require the student to select a time slot to register.

Course Instructor Apprenticeship requires the student to fill out a registration form.

Once registration has been submitted, the administrator will review the application and either Accept or Reject the application with feedback.

Upon rejection, the student may update the registration and re-submit for approval.

If the student has selected Instruction Skills Workshop and no space is available, they will be waitlisted until a spot opens.

Students may petition to switch their option at any point.

Course Instructor Apprenticeship and Instructional Skills Workshop require the upload of a Final Reflection for review.

Files can be re-uploaded at will until they are submitted for approval. Once submitted, the administrator will review the files and either Approve or Reject. If the files are rejected, the student may re-upload the files and re-submit for approval. Once approved, the Workplace Experience Module will be marked as completed.

Once both the CILT105 and Workplace Experience Option prerequisites have been satisfied, Level Two will be marked as complete. The student may download a Level Two Certificate of Completion and they will be sent an invitation to download their CanCred Level Two badge.