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Graduate Teaching Development Program (GTDP)

The Graduate Teaching Development Program provides registered graduate students with an opportunity to enhance their teaching skills, to develop a teaching dossier, and earn up to two teaching certificates in higher education.

  • The program is FREE for all registered Toronto Metropolitan graduate students. 
  • Take up to two free 6-week courses in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education that will appear on your transcript.
  • Flexible completion schedule that can fit within the requirements of your graduate program. You can complete as much or as little of the program as you want. 
  • Upon successful completion of each level of the program, you will receive a certificate from the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, and a digital badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile. 

GTDP Registration Portal

Participants interested in GTDP must register via the GTDP Portal. The App allows participants to track, sign up (e.g., into CILT100, CILT105, ISW), and get communications via the portal as they progress in the different Levels.

When logging into the Graduate Teaching Development Program, the user will be created in the system and their status will be set to “Pending GTDP Application”.

They will be directed to the registration page where they will be required to fill out their current year of study, their Faculty and the Department they plan to be working in.

They may also optionally upload a profile photo and note any accessibility needs.

A view of the profile dashboard on the GTDP app

Once the student has submitted their registration, their status will be set to “Level One - In Progress” and they will be directed to their Level One Module page.

Level One has two requirements that may be worked on in parallel:

  • Completion of CILT100
  • Completion of 4 TA/GA Workshops


If the course is closed when the student begins Level One, they will see the message “This course is currently not open for registration".

When the course opens for registration, students who currently have not applied will receive a notification email.

Students may register by selecting the “Register Now” button.

Registering will require that the student select a section and agree to the terms and conditions.

Once the student has registered for Level Two , their status will be set to “Level Two- In Progress” and they will be directed to their Level Two Module page.

Level Two has two requirements that may be worked on in parallel:

  • Completion of CILT105
  • Completion of at least one workplace experience option


Workflow for CILT105 is identical to CILT100 - please refer to above breakdown for detailed instructions.

Workplace Experience Option

Once CILT105 has been completed, the Workplace Experience Option module will unlock. The student may select one of three options to complete:

  • Peer Observation of Teaching Workshop
  • Course Instructor Apprenticeship
  • Instructional Skills Workshop

The GTDP offers you a digital badge to showcase the outcomes you have achieved for potential employers on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Your badge is issued from CanCred Factory. (external link)   You will receive a digital badge upon completion of each level, and the full GTDP Certificate is awarded upon completion of both Level 1 & 2. 

CanCred Factory

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can register for CILT 100 during any semester that is convenient for you, and you can begin your workshop hours as soon as you like.


CILT 105 must be completed before starting an Apprenticeship or registering for the POT or  ISW workshops.