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Immigrant Futures

A new lens for economic development
August 28, 2020
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Many small cities across Canada face population declines and an uncertain future. Cities of Migration launches the PDF fileImmigrant Futures Toolkit, to help leaders reverse a declining population trend and make plans for a thriving future.

The Immigrant Futures Toolkit is a new resource that will assist city and community leaders in small and rural municipalities make the case for immigration to be adopted as a critical strategy for local economic development. The resources draw from best practices collected from communities across Canada and internationally and show that there is much that a community can do to attract and retain immigrants. Easy-to-follow guides and examples can help leaders learn from the success of others and get up to speed quickly on how to initiate a planning process in their own community.

What does the Immigrant Futures Toolkit provide?

The Toolkit outlines a multi-stakeholder planning framework and provides a variety of resources that will help small cities:

  • identify and leverage existing community assets,
  • think about ways to create awareness,
  • develop new partnerships, and
  • advance co-investment strategies that can help them build an open and welcoming economy.
Cover for Immigrant Futures Toolkit

Coinciding with the release of Immigrant Futures, Cities of Migration re-launches its popular online tool to help anyone—from councilors to the general public—assess the quality of inclusion in their city. Participants can rate how well their city addresses inclusion at work, at school, on election day, in health, and for its newcomers.

By completing, MyCOM, the my cities of migration diagnostic, external link participants can build a profile of their city’s strengths and weaknesses across 10 dimensions of inclusion.