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Photo of International Advisory Board meeting Feb 2020

The CERC in Migration & Integration is led by Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou (the CERC holder.) The work of the CERC benefits from the cooperation and support of two internal Toronto Metropolitan University committees and two external advisory boards.

A number of members of Toronto Metropolitan University's senior leadership team provide general guidance on the CERC Migration program and ensure that the CERC is aligned with Toronto Metropolitan University’s strategic priorities. Individuals comprising the Toronto Metropolitan University Institutional Advisory Board include: 

  • Lisa Barnoff, Dean, Faculty of Community Services (Designate: Jennifer Martin, Associate Professor and Dean, Graduate Studies and Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity, Faculty of Community Services)
  • Steven N. Liss, Vice-President, Research and Innovation (Designate: Naomi Adelson, Associate Vice-President, Research and Innovation)
  • Ian Mishkel, Vice-President, University Advancement and Alumni Relations
  • Denise O’Neil Green, Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion
  • Cory Searcy, Vice-Provost and Dean, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
  • Pamela Sugiman, Dean, Faculty of Arts (Designate: Patrizia Albanese, Professor and Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Arts)
  • Daphne Taras, Dean, Ted Rogers School of Management

CERC Migration is also governed by three additional advisory boards.  Follow the links to view the members and their profiles.  

  • The CERC Migration Steering Committee is comprised of Toronto Metropolitan University senior faculty who represent a diverse range of disciplines, program areas and connections to research and graduate programs.  
  • The International Advisory Board (IAB) is comprised of renowned scholars and stakeholders from across the globe (including Canada), covering a wide range of disciplines. The IAB provides feedback and direction on CERC Migration’s progress, and builds important connections to international research and policy networks. 
  • The Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB), includes experts with long experience in migration matters, primarily with regard to the Canadian context, and will provide feedback on important research and policy challenges that impact Canadian society.