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Photo of Tariq Masood's book launch Jan 2020

CERC Migration book launch with Tariq Modood.


The CERC Migration aims to produce innovative and usable knowledge exploring the links between migration and post-migration processes, forced and voluntary mobility, internal and international migration, the role of countries of origin and transit as well as of non-state stakeholders at local, national and international levels, in both migration management and migrant integration.

The research program consists of four research themes which can be explored through the adjacent menu. The program strikes a balance between issues of special concern to Canada—such as the retention of migrants in second- and third-tier cities, and the transition from temporary to permanent status—and those of more global relevance—through comparative research, such as the determinants and drivers of mixed migration internationally, migratory flows between other worlds regions such China, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and the governance of cultural and religious diversity across the world.

The CERC research team brings together a diversity of backgrounds and disciplinary perspectives, including sociology, political science, geography, economics, gender studies, urban studies, social work, discourse analysis, social anthropology and computer information studies. Visit our team profiles and interests here

Eight overarching objectives of the research program:
  1. To produce new analytical knowledge through linking migration and integration with wider processes of socio-economic and geopolitical transformation in the 21st century.
  2. To produce innovative comparative insights on the governance of migration and integration that shed light on policies and practices in Canada and other countries and world regions.
  3. To offer new insights on the realities of migration and integration through the use of new data methodologies.
  4. To produce usable knowledge for Canadian stakeholders and policy makers.
  5. To reinforce Canada’s global academic leadership in the field of migration and integration through actively networking with top-level universities and scholars across the world.
  6. To provide opportunities for high-level training to graduate students, young scholars, as well as stakeholders through both online and onsite training activities.
  7. To create and sustain opportunities for collaboration and networking among Canadian and international academics, research centres, and stakeholders.
  8. To ensure a sustained engagement and dialogue with stakeholders.

The CERC Migration program pursues its objectives, and conducts its recruitment, training, outreach and analytical work, in a spirit of equity, diversity and inclusion in line with the values, policies and practices of Toronto Metropolitan University.