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Gouverner les migrations pour perpétuer la mondialisation: Gestion migratoire et Organisation internationale pour les migrations (external link)  by Younes Ahouga in University of Ottawa Press.

Lessons learned from recruiting socially isolated older immigrants for a survey-based study in Toronto (external link)  by Zhixi Zhuang, Kateryna Metersky, Oona St-Amant and Sepali Guruge in Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.

The quagmire of ideologies: an ethnography of Kurdish virtual life-world on Facebook (external link)  by Masoud Kianpour and Nariman Mohammadi in Journal of Intercultural Studies.

Legal and policy infrastructures of returns in Canada—Country Dossier (WP2) (external link)  by Younes Ahouga in GAPs: De-centring the Study of Migrant Returns and Readmission Policies in Europe and Beyond.





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