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'The ‘back-stepper’ and the ‘career diplomat’: Turning points in labour market integration,’ by Irina Isaakyan, Anna Triandafyllidou, and Simone Baglion in Migrants and Refugees in Europe: Work Integration in Comparative Perspective., external link

 Does speaking or writing Italian make differences?, external link by Daniela Ghio and others in International Migration.

Borders and Migration, The Canadian Experience in Comparative Perspective, external link co-edited by Melisaa Kelly with Michael J. Carpenter and Oliver Schmidtke

Pre-Arrival Experience with Social Media, Settlement Service Usage and Post-Arrival Labour Market Outcomes, external link by Stein Monteiro in Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies.





One Night at the Market, external link by Noha Abdelmoaty

Under the Tent

Honey Grass, external link by Fiorella Rabuffetti

Under the Tent

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