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Rethinking migration systems through a multi-dimensional approach

MEMO is a large-scale comparative study that brings together researchers and community partners to deepen understanding of regional migration systems and to help improve international migration governance. The project is led by the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration program at the Toronto Metropolitan University and made possible with the support of a Partnership Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Towards a new migration and asylum research agenda for the Americas (external link) . (2023) Special Issue in the Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies edited by Craig Damian Smith and Claudia Masferrer. 


Assessing populations exposed to climate change: A focus on Africa in a global context (external link) . (2023) by Daniela Ghio, Anne Goujon, Fabrizio Natale, Alessandrini Alfredo & Thomas Petroliagkis.

 (PDF file) Complex migration flows and multiple drivers: What do we know? (2023) by Anna Triandafyllidou, Daniela Ghio, Luisa Veronis & Robert McLeman.

The global governance of migration: Towards a ‘messy’ approach (external link)  by Anna Triandafyllidou in International Migration.

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