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Scholars of Excellence Workshop - How she thinks: Re-centring academic leadership in migration studies

October 22, 2024
9:30 AM EDT - 4:30 PM EDT
Hybrid (In person at CERC Migration office / online via Zoom)
Anna Triandafyllidou speaking to a room of researchers

The Scholars of Excellence Workshop series indclude in-depth sessions where international scholars are invited to contribute to complex topics of interest to the academic community. 

Our workshop is convened by Anna Triandafyllidou, Chair, CERC Migration.

This workshop is situated in the emerging scholarship on de-centring, de-colonizing and de-racializing migration research. We engage in a self-reflexive discussion on how the socio-economic and political context in which we live and our own personal experiences shape our research themes and methodologies. Through this, we explore how perspectives are informed by intersectional dimensions of privilege and disadvantage and the influence of the socio-economic, ethnic, racial and religious undertones of our times.

This workshop contributes to re-centring analytical perspectives through personal-political experiences, considering the different geopolitical contexts and complex biographies of senior and emerging women academic leaders. We aim to make visible the ‘Westernism’ that treats European and North American experiences as the ‘model’ against which other perspectives and narratives are analyzed, as well as the influence of our complex biographies – even our own personal migration experiences.

The workshop brings together several distinguished academic leaders and emerging or mid-career female scholars, who originate from diverse regions, including South, Southeast and West Asia, West and East Africa, Europe and North America. Our panel will engage with three main questions: How do otheir biography and career shape the thematic choices and directions of their research? How do experiences in work and life guide methodological choices? Last but not least, What does de-centring, de-colonizing and de-racializing migration research mean to them?

Workshop Agenda
9:30–10 AM EDT Welcome coffee

Opening remarks: Anna Triandafyllidou, CERC Migration

10 AM–12:30 PM EDT

Chairs: Anna Triandafyllidou and Irina Isaakyan, Toronto Metropolitan University


12:30–1:30 PM EDT Lunch break
2 PM–4:30 PM EDT

Chairs: Zhixi Zhuang and Ashika Niraula, Toronto Metropolitan University