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Black History in Canada

Faculty Experts


Annette Bailey

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Internationalization, Faculty of Community Services and Professor, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Research Interests include:

  • Health promotion and education
  • Traumatic stress and resilience among survivors of community and interpersonal violence
  • Gun violence impacts/implications for Black communities, especially Black mothers and Black youth who lose loved ones to gun violence
Priscilla Boakye

Priscilla Boakye

Assistant Professor, Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex

Research interests include:

  • Issues in maternal health care
  • Motherhood among vulnerable populations
  • Ethical issues in nursing and healthcare delivery and practice
  • Epistemic injustice in healthcare encounters
  • Critical qualitative research
  • Women’s Health
  • International health research collaboration


Grace Edward Galabuzi

Grace-Edward Galabuzi

Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration

Research Interests include:

  • Labour market in Canada
  • Police and race relations
  • Socio-economic status of ethnic groups in Canada
Kimberly Jenkins

Kimberly Jenkins

Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies, The Creative School

Research Interests include:

  • Cultural appropriation
  • Fashion and diversity
  • Fashion and race
  • Fashion and social issues
  • Fashion history
Nemoy Lewis Headshot

Nemoy Lewis

Assistant Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning

Research Interests include:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Anti-Blackness in Housing
  • Evictions
  • Financialization of Housing
  • Housing
  • Housing Policies
Eternity Martis

Eternity Martis

Assistant Professor, The School of Journalism

Research Interests include:

  • Anti-racist media
  • Gender-based violence affecting young women
  • Memoir writing
  • Racism on university campuses
Richard Norman

Richard Norman

Postdoctoral Researcher, Ted Rogers School of Management

Research Interests include:

  • Community Sport
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Sport
  • Race and Colonialism in Sport
  • Sport Futurism / Innovation
Nadia Prendergast

Nadia Prendergast

Assistant Professor, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Research interests include:

  • Nursing Education
  • Women’s Health
  • Prenatal care and community health
  • Anti-Black racism and anti-racism
Joshua Sealy-Harrington

Joshua Sealy-Harrington

Assistant Professor, Lincoln Alexander School of Law

Research Interests include:

  • Constitutional law
  • Criminal law
  • Critical race theory
  • Gender justice
  • Law
  • Racial justice
  • Social justice
Cheryl Teelucksingh

Cheryl Teelucksingh

Professor & Department Chair, Sociology

Research Interests include: 

  • Environmental Justice
  • Green Economy and Green Jobs
  • Immigration Settlement Patterns in Toronto
  • Race and Ethnicity in Canada
  • Social Inequality and Urban Environment
  • Urban Sustainability in Toronto

Featured Publications

  1. Akuoku-Barfi, C., McDermott, T., Parada, H., & Edwards, T. (2021). "We were in White homes as Black children”: Caribbean youth's stories of out-of-home care in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Progressive Human Services, 32(3), 212-242. (external link) 
  2. Brady, J. (2022). Exploring the role of Black feminist thought in pre-service early childhood education: On the possibilities of embedded transformative change. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 23(4), 392–407. (external link) 
  3. Brady, J. (2022). Exploring the role of Black feminist thought in pre-service early childhood education: On the possibilities of embedded transformative change. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 14639491221136584. (external link) 
  4. Edwards, T., King, B., Risidore, J., & Parada, H. (2022). Many households but never a home: Stories of resistance from Black youth navigating placement instability in Ontario’s child welfare system. Journal of Youth Studies, 25(5), 1–21. (external link) 
  5. Knight, M., Ferguson, R. N., & Reece, R. (2021). “It’s not just about work and living conditions”: The underestimation of the COVID-19 pandemic for black canadian women. Social Sciences (Basel), 10(6), 210. (external link) 
  6. Mohamud, F., Edwards, T., Anti-Boasiako, K., William, K., King, J., Igor, E., & King, B. (2021). Racial disparity in the Ontario child welfare system: Conceptualizing policies and practices that drive involvement for Black families. Children and Youth Services Review, 120, 105711. (external link) 
  7. Oona, S., Anneke, R. J., Parada, H., & Wilson-Mitchell, K. (2022). The COVID-19 mask. Advances in Nursing Science, 45(2), 100-113. (external link) 
  8. Reece, R. (2020). A reflection on racial injustice and (black) anticipatory grief compounded by COVID-19. Journal of Concurrent Disorders, 2(3), 55. (external link) 
  9. Reece, R. (2020). Carceral redlining: White supremacy is a weapon of mass incarceration for Indigenous and Black peoples in Canada. Yellowhead Institute, 25. (external link) 
  10. Skyrme, Alison; Thompson, Cheryl; Jabouin, Emilie; Wong, Olivia (2021): Canadian Blackface Culture: Confronting Racist Materials in Canadian Archives. Toronto Metropolitan University. Presentation. (external link) 
  11. St-Amant, O., Rummens, J. A., Parada, H., & Wilson-Mitchell, K. (2022;2021;). The COVID-19 mask: Toward an understanding of social meanings and responses. Advances in Nursing Science, 45(2), 100-113. (external link) 
  12. Thompson, C., & Jabouin, E. (2021). Black Media Reporting on Theater, Dance, and Jazz Clubs in Canada: From Shuffle along to Rockhead’s Paradise. The Journal of Communication Inquiry, 19685992110425–. (external link) 
  13. Voisin, D., Edwards, T., Takahashi, L., Valadez-Tapia, S., Shah, H., Oselett, C., Bouacha, N., Dakin, A., & Quinn, K. (2022). COVID-19 and HIV care continuum engagement among young Black men who have sex with men in Chicago. AIDS and Behavior. 10.1007/s10461-022-03789-0 (external link) 
  14. New chapter on Black and Racialized Women and the Criminal Justice System in Women and the Criminal Justice System: A Canadian Perspective, 3rd Edition (external link) 


Featured Websites & Multimedia

Criminologia podcast logo

Criminologia Podcast

Criminologia is an academic, criminology-themed podcast. Created by two PhD students at the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies at the University of Toronto, the series aims to facilitate critical dialogue and present theoretical ideas, empirical research findings, and policy solutions not only to social science scholars, but also criminal justice practitioners and the general public. 

Justice Focus logo

Justice Focus

A criminology podcast that focuses on the latest exciting projects happening in criminal justice all over the world.

It brings together practitioners, front line staff, NGO workers, academics - basically all those people working passionately and compassionately in criminal justice systems.

Emily Agard

Prof Agard

Currently, as director of SciXchange, Dr. Agard is passionate about making science accessible, engaging and inclusive of all groups and people of all ages. For over a decade, she has worked with youth from various socioeconomic backgrounds, focusing on youth from vulnerable communities. She embraces opportunities to speak about learning and applying science in everyday life and various career paths.

HERstory in Black

HERstory in Black: Emily Agard

CBC brings you stories from HERstory in Black, a Toronto-based digital photo series profiling 150 black women from the GTA and other parts of Ontario by How She Hustles, a network of 5,000 diverse women.

African Canadian Online

African Canadian Online

This site provides information on African Canadian artists and their work, links to other Canadian resources on the web, and updates about the activities of the Centre.

This website began in 1996 as a course project by students at York University's Atkinson College, and was expanded by another class in the summer of 1998. 

Afropolitan Dialogues logo

Afropolitan Dialogues is a trusted source to celebrate and showcase excellence in Canada's multifaceted black community. Their podcast, Afropolitan Dialogues, features both established and emerging African-Canadian and international movers and shakers.

The Laboratory for Black Creativity logo

As an incubator for Black artists, dancers, filmmakers, writers, and creative individuals, The Laboratory for Black Creativity (The LBC) aims to create space, encourage dialogue, and develop opportunities for persons who identify as Black. The LBC prioritizes Black people and projects but we aim to be a collective that engages in intersectional work with persons and projects that centre racialized identities, LGBTQ2S+, persons living with disabilities, and non-Anglophone communities of the global South and Diasporas.

21st Century Black logo

21st-Century Black is a podcast hosted by Cheryl Thompson, Assistant Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in the School of Creative Industries, and Emilie Jabouin, Ph.D. Candidate in the Joint Graduate Programme in Communication & Culture, Toronto Metropolitan University and York University. We have spent the past two years having many thought-provoking conversations in private and we felt that now is the right time to share these conversations in a public forum. This podcast will cover social and cultural history in Canada and across the Black diaspora, media and popular culture, and contemporary discussions about race, anti-Black racism, the colonial, post-colonial and de-colonial. This podcast is funded through a SSHRC Insight Development Grant.