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Nadia Prendergast

Assistant Professor
Areas of ExpertiseNursing education; Women’s health; Prenatal care and community health; Anti-Black racism and anti-racism

Nadia Prendergast is excited about joining the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at Toronto Metropolitan University. Prendergast has been actively involved in creating strategies and approaches on ways to address racism within the classroom and clinical settings. She currently sits as an advisor for the Canadian Nurses Association and the Canadian Student Nurses Association on addressing racism within nursing. Since migrating from England to Canada, Prendergast has worked as a public health nurse, a clinical case coordinator and childbirth educator. She completed her master’s, and PhD in education and women’s studies from OISE, at the University of Toronto. Her area of research focused on the lived experiences of internationally educated nurses of colour working within Canada’s multiculturalism practices.

As a triple Crown recipient of Toastmasters, Prendergast’s areas of interests reside in primary health care, community development, women’s health, and race and equity studies. Although she has been a member of numerous committees and initiatives, her greatest passion is with intergenerational work, and using the pedagogy of drama as a way of bridging gaps, promoting critical thinking and implementing other cultural forms of pedagogies in her teaching. Her aim is to rupture all forms of racism while empowering activism in the classroom and therefore create a positive future for the generations to come.

Teaching responsibilities 

  • NSE 101: Communications
  • NSE 31A/B: Community Health Nursing Theory

Teaching interests 

  • Prenatal and postpartum care
  • Parenting
  • Social justice

Research interests 

  • Anti-Black racism resistance
  • Intergenerational partnership/conversations
  • Women’s health

Research projects 

  • Anti-Black Racism within the Curriculum
  • Experiences of Racialized Women as Users of the Healthcare System
  • Pedagogy of Drama with Nursing Education
  • Playwright, producing and directing
  • Intergenerational Conversations
  • C.A.R.E.: Creating a Racism-free Environment within Nursing