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IMA Photography student commissioned by Porsche to cover SXSW Festival

Car enthusiast and photographer Angel Fonseca recaps his road trip experience to SXSW festival in Texas
By: Muntaha Alazraq
June 20, 2023

Dreams do come true, especially for fourth-year Image Arts (IMA) Photography (opens in new window)  student Angel Fonseca who was commissioned by Porsche to cover the 2023 South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas. Fonseca had the legendary opportunity to document his road trip while driving a 1985 Porsche 911 from Los Angeles to Austin. The film photographer reflects on going behind the scenes for Porsche and shares his experience on his road trip journey. 

“Documenting a road trip was a dream come true, as I had the freedom to take the photos I connected with and preplan locations I wanted to explore and experience for the first time,” said Fonseca. 

To set himself apart from other photographers and artists, Fonseca illustrates his unique photography style by using a Pentax 67 Film camera to snap images of Porsche cars and the beautiful locations he saw along the way.

Portrait of Angel Fonseca

For the local Toronto-based photographer, working with Porsche is not only an opportunity of a lifetime, but it also comes with many career-advancing benefits and learning experiences. After drawing his road trip to a close and reaching his destination, Fonseca attended the annual SXSW Festival, where he had the chance to network with artists, explore the city, and make lifelong memories. 

The SXSW Festival (external link, opens in new window)  took place in mid-March in Austin,Texas, and is an annual conglomeration of parallel film, interactive media, music festivals and conferences. The event features comedy showcases, film screenings, exhibitions, professional development, and a variety of networking opportunities.

“Some of the highlights I had while attending the SXSW festival was hearing different stories and perspectives of artists that I looked up to and being able to soak up the moment of living my childhood dreams,” he said.

Understanding the craft of photography

The Photography program at The Creative School has long been recognized as Canada’s most prestigious photography program, commonly known for exploring both the practice and theory of creative image-making. Throughout his undergraduate studies, Fonseca used the knowledge he gained in the classroom to better understand the craft of photography and capture images that mirrored his vision. 

“One of the most valuable skills I was able to develop during my time in the Image Arts Program was being able to start with a small idea and using this leeway to self-express my vision and the client's needs through my photography,” he said.

The program also helped equip Fonseca with a range of valuable skills and expertise to effectively showcase his road trip and succeed in his career journey.

“The IMA program prepared me to cover the SXSW Festival for Porsche due to the strict deadlines the professor would propose. Also, the program taught me to make sure you always put your best foot forward when creating work no matter what the situation may be,” stated Fonseca. 

two cars in front of a colourful wall in texas
Angel Fonseca sitting on the hood of a 1985 Porsche 911

Paying it forward for the next generation of photographers

Being actively involved in the photography industry since 2014, Fonseca comments on his experience as a photography student at The Creative School and guides the next generation of artists interested in joining and succeeding in the industry.  

“The advice I would give to the next upcoming generation is to keep your head down and continue to work on the type of style you truly believe in,” he said. “Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and sell yourself high as you never know what doors people can open for you that could change the outcome of your life. Most importantly, be yourself and be open to learning from anybody.”

Check out Angel Fonseca’s Instagram (external link, opens in new window)  and Portfolio (external link, opens in new window)  to see more of his work! 

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